SEO : A Glimpse over its Past and Present


SEO has taken a new shape altogether with the recent updates like Panda, Penguin, and other ones of Google. It is like the old time followed a new path and things that used to work early have simply lost their magic.

So, what is the trick to recognize the outdated ways and adopt new strategies. Well, I present you here with an infographic that gives a clear comparative study of old and new version of SEO and also indicates those areas that need to be taken care of, thereby respecting current age SEO tactics.
What SEO Used To Be Versus What SEO Is Now

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The larger picture speaks of content marketing that has taken the SEO market by storm. If you observe the graph above, it becomes evident that 88% of the companies which respect SEO, allow content marketing function as their prime tactic.


If you want to find a bottom-line to this infographic, it comes to one thing: content marketing. And you do not have to follow my words blindly, but it is the reality at present. You need to implement in order to realize.




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