Revealed! 20 Instagram Hidden Hacks And Tricks For Everyone

Instagram has grown from being the little kid on the social media block to the big brother of its community. With hundreds of millions of users actively participating in discussions and checking out hot stuff to buy, it goes without saying that Instagram should be a key part of your online marketing campaign. And yeah, Instagram is bigger than Twitter now.

When it comes to Instagram, promotion is one thing and success is another thing. There are various methods like posting quality images, participating in conversations, and buying followers on Instagram that can get you more profile views. Regardless of whether you are a startup or a brand, these tips should help you run a successful campaign on Instagram and most importantly, get more clients.

  1. DM Your Prospects

It’s easy to get caught up in posting and replying to comments, but don’t forget that Instagram allows you to directly inbox people and let them know about your business. Direct messaging can be of great help when your updates are lost in a sea of other updates on your audience’s feed.

Talk about reaching out to influencers, and there is no better way than directly messaging them.

  1. Integrate your Instagram Photos in Your Website

Instagram pictures are awesome, right? Why not make your website look more awesome by embedding your Instagram pictures onto your home page? This will help improve the visual drive of your website, and ultimately improve user engagement on your sales page. In fact, people who like your Instagram photos on your website could very well become your followers.

3. Use Instagram Sales Tools

Manual promotion is the best but if you like to save your time and improve your results, it makes sense to check out Instagram sales tools like Inselly, Have2Have.It, and Like2Buy.

4. Notify Influencers by Tagging them

In addition to tagging important people in the comments, make sure to tag them in your photos too. This will help increase your chances of being noticed.

5. Make Use Of Video

Hope you are aware that Instagram recently updated its video sharing feature from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Take advantage of the enhanced feature to tell a short story of your brand in a single, engaging video that is watchable, likeable, and shareable. 

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6. Track Your Followers

The size of your Instagram following is very important when it comes to determining your success on the platform. Don’t be hesitant to follow popular accounts that follow you, and don’t think twice to unfollow people who haven’t followed you back. This will help add to the credibility of your profile and make you look less spammy. To make things easier, you can use tools like IconoSquare to find out who is not following you back.

7. User Content

Researching and crafting unique can be a challenge when you are posting on a daily basis. In that case, it helps to find out what your potential buyers are liking in your competitor’s page and curate them and post the description on your timeline. This is one easy way to save your time and give your audience something that they already like. Of course, in your unique style!

8. Don’t forget to include and track clickable Links

As you’re probably aware, your bio is the only place where Instagram allows you to add a clickable link. In addition to adding your website URL, it’s also important to track how many clicks your link has got. For this purpose, it makes sense to use a URL shortener like Bitly. This can be particularly helpful when you are running a contest or any other aggressive promotional campaign where one of your goals is to find out how many leads took action to your promotions.

9. Photo And Video Editing Tools

Let’s face it; if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must be able to grab the attention of users. Using just the built-in Instagram features like Afterlight, Snapseed and VSCOCAM will help serve the purpose. These apps are easy to use, and they are good in a sense that they allow you to make only

meaningful editing and not crazy ones.

10. Run A Hashtag Contest

Offer your followers a small incentive or pick a random winner for an exciting price in exchange of using your company hashtags in their posts. 

11. Resolution Matters

These days, even mobile cameras come with improved resolutions. So, if you are still going to post blurry images, then you are not going to get your audience excited. Use high tech devices to shoot pictures and videos, so that your audience will be more tempted to check out your messages. 

12. Unique Hashtags

While it’s important to have your trending industry related hashtags in your posts, don’t forget to launch your unique hashtag to give your customers a better surfing experience when they are interested to view all your pictures in a single window.

13. Number of Hashtags per post Need not be 30

Another point that is worth recollecting is the number of hashtags that you can use in your posts. Yes, Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, but sometimes too many might look spammy. Make sure that you use 10-15 hashtags per post and see to that they are the most relevant ones pertaining to your products or services. For better clarity, minimize the use of generic hashtags and go for more brand-related ones.

14. Be consistent

One of the first and foremost principles of effective branding is that you must use consistent colors in your promotions. Take the case of Coke; the brand uses red and white consistently in all its updates. Likewise, make sure you use your colors and filters consistently in your posts.

15. Get Follow-Backs

One easy way to get the attention of your potential customers is to find them on your competitors’ page and follow them. It could entice them to follow you back or at least check out your page. That might lead to fruitful interactions as well. 

16. Schedule Your Posts

Posting at the right time is important if you want your ads to be seen by active users. Use scheduling tools like Buffer and Postfity  that make your posting tasks a lot easier.

17. Takeovers

Are you connected to influencers in your industry? If yes, then congrats! You are in a better position to spread the word about your promotions. Request influencers to post your ad on their timeline in exchange of a gift or payment. In return, you will be able to drive crazy traffic and publicity for your business. Influencer marketing is one of the most precious endorsements you can get on the platform. So, make sure to utilize every such opportunity that comes your way.

18. Use motion pictures

GIFs are stealing the limelight on all social media channels. People prefer to watch a moving picture as opposed to a stationary one, so make sure to create some nice GIFs of your product/service and put them on your timeline. For this purpose, you could check out a tool like Boomerang. 

19. Connect with popular Accounts

Apart from influencers, look for other popular accounts that have a sizeable following in your targeted location. Once you find them, the next step is to build trust by sending them your samples and brief information. Reach out to a few people, some of them will accept to advertise on your behalf.

20. Include Location

Here’s another exciting feature offered by Instagram for business promotions: geo tagging. Allow your posts to be increasingly visible in a location where your target audiences are most active. This will help attract a large chunk of local traffic to your website and ultimately help improve your sales numbers. 


These are some guaranteed tech tricks to boost your following and achieve the sales numbers that you currently dream of. However, don’t hesitate to use your own creativity to enhance your marketing campaign for better results.