10 Reasons Your Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages Is not improving

It’s a well-known fact that having great rankings for your website is quite remarkable. One moment your site is receiving heavy traffic, which is the main reason for a ton of sales, phone calls, emails and leads, and the next moment there is a significant reduction in traffic. In utter disbelief, you decide to crosscheck your analysis reports that confirm your worst nightmare that there is indeed a notable loss in your website traffic.

Shortly, you see that the traffic is no longer at a significant loss, but it has disappeared completely. At this point, you are terrified. You begin asking yourself how this could have happened and more importantly, how to fix this unexpected problem to get your leads, emails, and sales flowing again?

Numerous reasons cause the sudden drop in website rankings. In some instances, the decline is due to a slight error that you can easily avoid. It often has to do with your actions than those of your competitors.Below are the some of the most common reasons as to why your rankings have suddenly dropped as well as the solution to each case.

Tracking of wrong rankings

In the recent past, there has been quite a shift of people typing full sentences into search engines as opposed to just typing the keywords of their quest. The tracking of generic keywords might mean that the keyword strategy you are using is simply outdated. Therefore, the solution is to update your keyword strategy, since the people searching for your website are probably using new phrases or keywords.

Fluctuation of rankings

It is perfectly reasonable for rankings to fluctuate; this is something commonly known as the “Google Dance.” The change does not only mean that your rankings vary from one day to the next but could also mean their fluctuation from one location to another or from one computer device to another. This variation is because Google is always changing every detectable variable by making changes on search results.

Therefore, it is not entirely counter-productive to put your primary focus on certain rankings. For example, your SEO firm may provide you with a ranking report that may show good rankings. However, if you check the rankings from your computer device, you may notice a slight drop in the rankings only because you used  a different computer to run them.

Launch of a new website design

For as long as you have launched a new design for your site, which is already in existence, it is expected that your rankings will drop despite the fact that the new model may look way better  than the old one. Some of the precautions you can take when launching your new design would be first to ensure  proper optimization before  inception. Secondly, it is vital to make sure that you have a valid 301-redirect strategy in place. It is inevitable that the rankings will drop, but at least the drop will be minimal and temporary for about a month or two before making a quick recovery.

Low-quality links

It is very common for several firms to succumb to offers; whereby thousands of links are provided at a very low price. However, with the advancement in search engines, effective measures to curb search engine spamming have been put in place. All websites with a large amount of low-quality links which direct to them, lead to a drastic drop in their rankings and their eventual disappearance altogether. To avoid this problem, it is crucial that you get rid of all unnatural links, which direct to your website.

The loss of useful links

The loss of high-quality links often leads to a significant drop in rankings particularly due to the disappearance of your site. The solution to this problem is, therefore, to focus on the building of high-quality links. You’re probably asking yourself how to create high-quality links that will attract massive traffic to your site. Well, this is by creating amazing content that is informative and meaningful enough for people to share.

Poor hosting

People often make the error of choosing a poor quality hosting company or a firm whose data center is not ideal, to save a few bucks. This user behavior leads to search engines ranking other websites before yours. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should host your website in an area that is within proximity to that of your site visitors. Additionally, you should ensure that the hosting company server is not bogged down with thousands of other websites.

An inaccurate robot.txt file

Errors in the robot.txt file of your site or blog is a common reason for a significant drop in rankings. It is important to note that as a result of the failure, you decide to notify search engines to ignore your site temporarily without realizing how much of a get off it will cause in your rankings. After fixing the problem by ensuring that there is no typing error in your robot.txt file and using the best practices, you will notice that your rankings will shoot back up in only a span of a few days or weeks.

Stiff competition

In SEO, when the rankings of one site increase then the rankings of another site automatically decrease. Thus, it is not possible to provide SEO services just once. Your site can never be completely optimized because your competitors are always optimizing theirs. Hence, it is quite important that you optimize your site as often as possible so as always to stay at the top.

Google updates

Every time Google makes updates, all websites, which are not in line with its updates, suffer a significant drop in their rankings. To avoid this, you should strictly follow White Hat SEO as well as Google Webmaster’s guidelines. Instead of working on SEO, most SEO’s recommend to work on digital marketing for the brand name. It is the fastest way to boost your rankings in search engines like Google. I recommend everyone to go through 8 marketing strategies which was originally written by Couponmachine.

As much as we would love to say that making a major improvement in your search engine rankings is a simple task, the truth is, it is not. Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of skills, dedication as well as hard work.