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How To Re-Engage Your Email Subscribers

There are probably multiple ways and places that you ask customers to engage with you via email. Maybe they can opt in right when visiting your site. Or perhaps they can sign up for different types of newsletters or content based on different areas of your site that they visit. Whatever the case, getting them to sign up is certainly the first step—but then what? What if customers that sign up don’t do anything with the emails that you send to them? If they’re not doing anything, is there any use having their emails? The answer is—maybe not.

Before you figure out why people aren’t engaging with your emails, you need to understand all the reasons why they signed up. There are a certain set of expectations with email sign up. You have to fulfill promises you established—frequency of email, responsive and personalized content, well designed emails that don’t appear like spam, for example.

One of the biggest things to remember is that people are increasingly looking at email on mobile devices, so your messages must be responsive on everything. That involves testing, too—subjects lines and headlines, other aspects—to figure out what different groups respond to best.

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If you’ve done all those things and still can’t figure out why they’re not engaging, there are steps you can take to fix it. You can remind them of the benefits of email. You can demonstrate all the ways to connect with your company. You can offer an incentive or a call to action, or give them insight into news.

Whatever you do, never forget that email has become and will continue to be essential to a smart business strategy. Use this graphic to learn more about the power of email engagement.
How to Re-engage Your Email Subscribers