Questions to Ask Your Potential New Internet Service Provider

So you’re thinking of getting a wireless broadband connection set up for your business, or maybe you already have but you’re not happy with it and want to explore options. Before you start flipping through the yellow pages or clicking search results, you should know a couple of things about your potential new internet service provider before you commit to any contract. Here are some examples of some questions you can ask:

Are There Any Service Bundles or Promotions?

Ask your service provider for available promos or bundles. Chances are, they’ll have discounted rates for service bundles. This can be especially useful when you’re running a business that needs phone lines as well as wireless broadband. You could ask about long-term contracts too, as some companies offer discounts and rebates for contracts with a lock-in period. Some may charge a cancellation fee, or not allow you to upgrade or downgrade a service that you are tied to.

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Is There a Free Trial Period?

As with any service, getting a free trial period is always a plus! This will allow you to test out their speed and reliability, and gauge for yourself whether the service provider is right for you. Don’t forget to ask about the terms and conditions of the trial though, because you will want to know things like how to cancel the plan and make any changes in case you’re not satisfied.

What Quality Can I Expect?

Most service providers offer various data plans of different caps and speeds at  different prices. Ask about the details of each one so you can decide which plan would suit your needs best. Get information on the listed download and upload speeds and see if the service can meet the providers’ claims. Take note though that there are other factors that may affect transmission speeds such as the number of devices connected, the type of applications being used, and even the hardware used.

Who Do I Call for Customer Support?

Ask for phone numbers and email addresses that you can contact if there’s something wrong with your connection. Is tech support available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, or are they limited to office hours and regular work days? How fast can you expect a response? These questions can help you prepare when you experience issues and will ensure that you are given the assistance you need in the quickest time possible.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

Make sure you have everything you need to know to get your connection set up. This includes details about cables, modems, and routers. Know the procedures you would need to follow for installation and troubleshooting. Ask any question related to the service that you may be curious about; even if they seem small or are things that may seem like a given at a first glance. Remember that as a customer, you have a right to know what you’re paying for, especially as it’s an investment for your enterprise.