Browser compatibility Issues during conversion of PSD to Angularjs

AngularJs is an open source and Powerful JavaScript framework which is maintained by Google. This single page application is useful for all the developers and designers. This is termed as “Angular” or “Angular.js”.

In this article we have used angular material to the support angularjs.

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Full Functionality of Angularjs:

Let me describe the problem or issues which I have faced during the conversion of PSD to Angularjs.

While converting file from PSD to Angularjs conversion there is an error which can be seen in Internet EXPLORER and  is not noticed in both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

So here is a step by step procedure to avoid this error:

  • You will start with getting the code in the Angular material

  • Copy the code and make changes to it as per your page requirements.

As you load this website in the Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, there won’t be any sort of errors and you may find a similar image as shown below.

PSD to angularjs conversion problems

  • However, when you load the website in the Internet explorer 11 or Mac, the web page displays blank as these browsers won’t support this coding. The error is seen as a blank page as shown below.

PSD to angularjs browser compatibility

Don’t panic! Here you will learn how to overcome these circumstances in real time if you come across them.

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  • By default we all will take “row or column” in Parent div.

PSD to angularjs conversion problems

  • Instead of Parent div. mention it in Child Div whether it’s row or column

PSD to angularjs browser compatibility

  • After calling in child div, always remember to close the child div.

PSD to angularjs conversion problems

  • Css3 do not support older versions of browsers. For this reason, we have to write the code such as Css3 Supports.

Angular material doesn’t support Macintosh  safari browser and there are many compatibility issues namely for styles, layouts etc.