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Powerful features of WP Rocket – The Best WP Speed-Enhancing Plugin for Me

I have a number of blogs and websites. All of them power my business and help drive all the leads I need to generate my revenues.

But until recently, I was struggling with their speed and performance despite having chosen WordPress as the platform.

From years of experience I know that a faster loading site means more satisfied visitors, better SEO and more business.

My blog page speed

I have used many free plugins to boost my sites’ performances, but I eventually realized that you need to spend a few bucks to be able to get value and quality. See the above screenshot of my blog’s laoding time after using WP Rocket.

This I can say with certainty for the WP-Rocket plugin.

How I Benefited from WP-Rocket?

I have benefited in 3 ways by using this WordPress plugin:

  1. My visitors spend more time on my sites
  2. My SEO has improved (means I have more visitors)
  3. My sites work faster and better

I couldn’t ask for more for the few dollars that I spend every year.

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Features of WP-Rocket

The following are some of the main features of this server-side site caching plugins that have helped it stand out from the crowd.

Easy and Fast Setup – It was easy for me to setup the plugin. It was simple and fast. I didn’t need to rely on any techies to be able to configure it.

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Caching Features

There’re so many built-in caching features in WP-Rocket and all of them combine together to speed up my sites like anything. Some of the most notable ones include:

Page Caching - WP Rocket

  • Page Caching
  • Browser Caching
  • Cache Preloading

WP-Rocket will speed up my webpages’ load time, which helps me with my SEO and conversion rates. It will store all the CSS, images and javascript in the browser.

Because this will not need any re-loading when my visitors click on other pages, they get much faster loading experience. I cannot ask for anything more.

Optimization Features

It will also optimize all the images on my sites by automatically adding up the missing size attributes. Fonts optimization is another powerful feature.

Because of fewer HTTP requests, WP-Rocket helps in further enhancing the speed of my sites.

Images on request - WP rocket

Improving Efficiency

There are many other features that further help improve efficiency. The plugin helps optimize browser rendering and saves valuable bandwidth.

It will help achieve this by improving the working of the web browser using gzip compression, etags and in managing expired headers.

WP-Rocket helps lighten my sites by minimizing the weight of my CSS, JavaScript and HTML files. It uses a built-in feature known as minification.

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LazyLoad Feature

This is one of the bigger attractions – and one of the reasons why I spend those hundred bucks per year on WP-Rocket. Because of this feature, this plug-in will load only those images on a web page which are visible. It will display them as the visitor scrolls through.

The plug-in also supports the use of CDN services. This is important for many website owners like me who rely on CDN services to reduce the loading speed of their websites.

Better JavaScript Handling

Through experience I know that there are so many visitors (not a big percentage, but they still matter) who will disable Javascript on their browsers to experience faster loading pages.

This is probably because they have slower Internet connections.

WP-Rocket may not have a solution to that problem, but one way it speeds up the user experience for my visitors is by deferring javascript loading.

The plug-in will load my JS files only after my web pages have been rendered, and I am thankful for this feature.

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Mobile Friendly

In this age of smartphones, if I am not ready for my mobile visitors, I am doing harm to my business.

This WP plugin provides the complete set of mobile-friendly features that makes my mobile visitors get the best performance on my site.

We are continuously testing our sites for mobile-friendliness and haven’t had any issues (this has been especially important for me keeping in mind how Google has revamped its search algorithm and made mobile-friendliness so important).

There are so many features like multisite compatibility, Multilanguage compatibility, and import-export support that make WP-Rocket such a powerful tool for me.

I will recommend it to everyone who has a WordPress site or blog.

Grab this plugin by visiting here.

  1. Hello Nisha Pandey,

    Well I never heard of WP rocket plugin and I must say this plugin seems quite impressive.

    Thanks for sharing with us,

  2. I just switched one of my client to WP Rocket and I must say it is one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had using a caching plugin. I save time and get the best solution, just how I like it.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi Nisha

    I have heard about WP Rocket and its awesome features. I am working on getting it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Samantha,

    Welcome! WP rocket is not only impressive on paper, it is highly effective in practical terms as well.

    Besides, using it is as simple as anything.

    Thanks for dropping by!
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  5. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Ikechi,

    Good to know that you have heard about WP Rocket.
    Yes, it is worth testing and using!

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    Hi Harekrishna,

    Yes thats exactly the experience I have, and am more than satisfied with it.
    It is the perfect solution for helping me drive my leads.

    Thanks for your input!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I also never heard about this wp rocket plugin. Is it paid or free? How much effect it will create on your website speed. Can you give your speed data before using this plugin so that I can get idea about how much it will be helpful for our website.