Physical Therapy Marketing Success

 This information is guaranteed to increase your bottom line profits. The information provided shows an incentive schedule for the front office staff that will get them motivated to maximize collections for every patient visit.

You were absolutely right, I have been sitting on a goldmine that I was just not tapping into. The whole concept of instilling the ownership mentality in my staff has been a huge success! I have since researched this concept in other areas of business and it is true that the companies that are able to do this have a happier and much more productive staff.

We tested this theory on our own custom writing company EssayLab and can share our impressions about it. Once tried this method on practice you will be surprised how effective your business could be.


  • Absolutely a Must Read!

  • Technique 1: Three Marketing Strategies that are Guaranteed and Proven to increase your referral base.


The first is essential. You must know how to recognize and get time with your referral sources. The real key is the ability to capture new patients f or your practice. You will have proven strategies and actual dialogues that can be used to secure new referrals . The second technique is more highly advanced and focuses on getting your own referrals via direct consumer marketing (Partial Direct Access) and is applicable in any state.

This technique fosters team work and gives the staff a sense of ownership that will lead to increased productivity and collection of co-payments.

This may be the single biggest opportunity to increase profits and retain a high quality staff. A staff physical therapist can be one of your biggest sources of revenue or become your biggest financial drain.

Methods of educating your referral sources so they send you high quality clients. You must give them a reason to send you the “right” patient types. (Once this is done you will have successfully branded yourself to your referring doctor’s and you will reap the rewards!) The information contained in the Physical Therapy Success e-book is a compilation of 40 plus years of real world experience.The marketing principles and system you have shared are very effective for My Physical Therapy Practice.

You will learn why and how to provide an incentive program f or you clinicians. This technique will make your staff more money than they ever thought they could earn and will provide a substantial boost to the clinic’s bottom line.

The therapist who can not consistently keep a full schedule is costing you money! Conversely, the therapist with an ownership mentality , will do everything in their power to keep their schedule full and their clients satisfied.


  • Technique 2: It is Essential to Track Stats.


You absolutely need an organized way to track statistics or productivity. How else can you determine which therapist is bringing in the revenue? Do not make the mistake of giving people raises based on personality or some other less tangible merit.



The techniques provided are tried and true. We are 100% confident that this information will help you realize your income potential, that is why we offer a 100% Guarantee that this product will be beneficial to your practice.

This information will show you how to instill the ownership mentality. Technique 3: Motivating your Front Office Staff has been shown to increase front office collections by up to 257%.

This is an invaluable technique and is how you should accumulate 75% or more of your patient base. Thirdly, you will learn how to significantly increase your caseload without direct marketing to doctors or to the public.We are confident it can bring the same success to you.It is a mystery to us as to why people do not take advantage of this powerful tool. All of these techniques are guaranteed to work!

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