Personal VPN What is it about? – An Infographic

personal vpn infographic

VPN – Virtual Private Network

  • It is a network connection that enables securing connection over public network (ISP) to private network using a remote location.
  • Data, voice and video go through a secured virtual tunnel between ISP and server.
  • Network traffic is encrypted.


VPN technology uses a combination of features such as:

  • Encryption
  • Tunneling protocols
  • Data encapsulation
  • Certified connection


These combinations are important in order to:

  • Provide users with a secured connection
  • Protect users identity


The Personal VPN will:

  • Help prevent identity theft by masking your IP address and encrypting your data
  • Help prevent web sites from gathering data on you and profiling you
  • Give an anonymous presence on the internet for the legitimate purposes that most people are seeking from such a service


Why do you need a Personal VPN?

  • You desire extra security from online bad guys and identity thieves
  • You don’t want your Internet Service Provider, or owner of a network you’re connecting through, to log, monitor, and/or control what you do online.
  • You want to hide your IP address so you can protect your identity and location.
  • You don’t want search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Bing recording and storing every Internet search you perform…..potentially forever. DIGITAL FOOTPRINT
  • You wish to encrypt your VoIP traffic.