Theft is a Problem for Homes and Businesses

People Will Steal Anything

Theft is a Problem for Homes and Businesses

Theft is a Problem for Homes and Businesses

Everyone is familiar with theft, especially since it will happen to the majority of people in their lifetime. Homes and businesses will face a theft at one point or another, especially if they have no security measures in place. A person may have a theft in their home, simply because they invite someone in whom they trust, but the person steals from them anyways. Businesses may face theft from their own employees,which is noted as the most likely theft in businesses.

What People Will Steal

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It seems to be common sense that people would steal things that they need, but sometimes, it makes no sense why people steal the things they do. Technically, people will steal anything if it can help them somehow, even if it’s an obscure or stupid thing that they are stealing.

Some of the stories out there of thefts that happened to businesses or homes are crazy and even ridiculous, but those who steal are unlikely to stop unless they are stopped by someone or something.

Theft from Yards

 Theft from Yards

A family loved their home, so they constantly were putting in new shrubbery, flowers, plants and more. After completing the work in front of the home, the family noticed that their flowers, plants, and bushes were disappearing. Someone was actually coming onto their property and taking potted flowers as well as digging holes and taking up shrubs and bushes that were planted around the home.

The only thing that finally stopped the theft was the family putting up video surveillance and catching a glimpse of the person who continued to come and steal their plants. Earlier surveillance could have stopped the theft much sooner, but they did get to the bottom of it.

Theft From Construction Sites

Theft From Construction Sites

Construction companies face many thefts, especially if they have no security on property once everyone leaves the construction site. Whether a construction company is building, remodeling, or simply working at a site, the things they leave behind are subject to being stolen.

Building material, wiring, nail guns, pressure washers, cars, trucks, and even portable toilets that are left on a construction site are subject to theft. The best way to combat theft from any construction site is to have video surveillance, but if possible, security guards that patrol the area is also a great idea

Theft From Electrical Substations

Theft From Electrical Substations

Many who don’t know what an electrical substation is or its purpose may be puzzled to learn that people are actually stealing from electrical substations.

The wiring and metal that’s contained within the substations can be very valuable, especially the copper wiring. Many thieves will go in and steal the copper wiring and any other valuable metals inside the substations to sell it for a profit. Not only have they inhibited the electrical substation from working properly, it now becomes a possible fire hazard as well as a very costly project to fix.

Substation security is the only way to protect a substation. Protecting the substation is possible with video surveillance and foot patrols as necessary, depending on where the substation is located. The overall cost of protecting the substation is likely to be much less than replacing and fixing any damage that’s done to the substation by thieves with no conscience.

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Theft From Stores


Stores can be a constant target for thieves, even if the store states that they don’t take bills higher than $20. If a thief knows that they can get even a few hundred dollars from a store, then they are likely to break in and steal something. It’s not often that one hears of an ATM being stolen directly from a store.

Some stores have had ATMs stolen through some of the most comical means, such as driving a car or truck through the store, wrapping chains around the ATM, and dragging it out of the store with the vehicle. Not only is there damage to the store but the ATM is gone, and any money inside the ATM is gone as well.

The best way to prevent such this type of occurrence is by bolting the ATM to the floor as opposed to simply placing it anywhere in the store. Other suggestions are beefed up video surveillance of the store as well as night security, even though neither measure will guarantee a stop to this kind of theft.

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Security Is Key

When it comes to blocking thieves, security is always the key. The best thing to do is to make sure a location is as secure as possible, and video surveillance is necessary. Never feel that it’s too expensive to get security personnel, especially for stores, construction sites, businesses, and electrical substations.

Those who want to protect any investment that they have will make sure to get the security that’s necessary, especially since it can save them a lot of money later on.