News on facebook

Now Read News Stories Directly on Facebook without Clicking on Links

Today more people get their news updates on social sites than on traditional media. And Facebook is the biggest player in that list.

So Mark Zuckerberg cannot afford to miss out on that big opportunity. Now the social giant is creating strategies for hosting news stories directly on its site. The program is reportedly known as Instant Articles.

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If the reports are accurate, you will be able to get direct and live feeds from the New York Times and National Geographic directly on Facebook.

This means there will be direct hosting on the social site rather than just the links that redirect users to the news sites.

News on facebook

This is also going to help in reducing the load time. This is a useful factor for ensuring that users remain interested in the news feed (rather than having to wait for the new page to load).

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However, in doing so, Facebook will have to offer something in return to these news sites. Those news sites will be able to keep the revenues generated from the ads related to their news feeds.

However, Facebook could get a share of 30% from the ads which are sold by it.

While the new feature seems to be perfect for Facebook and is users, some publishers are reportedly thinking of whether and how they should link themselves closely to the social site.

Besides, there are speculations about the kind and level of control they could have over the final user experience.

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The feature is likely to be released within a month. At present, all the news on Facebook is served through links that direct users to the news sites.

Thus, the news related user-engagement takes place on both publisher site and Facebook (in the form of comments). With the new feature, all the engagement will take place on the social network.

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