New Year Resolution: How to Start Blogging a Right Way

Deciding on New Year resolutions can be very confusing. Although it is quite a fun to make, it is hard to maintain.

So, why not think of making such a resolution that will be easy to keep up the spirit.

This New Year, consider starting your blog and expect some great online response.

Having your own blog will earn you a lot of respect and name.

Moreover, you will have a separate identity other than being just a working professional.

New year resolutions 2015 - how to start blogging a right way

Well, you may think what this is about? Why at all? So many people started their blogs a year ago and they are quite successfully running it at this point.

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All it takes is some time to understand how to start blogging, it wasn’t difficult at all.

Today after having experience in this field all one can say is that this is one of the easiest things on earth, provided you follow the parameters.

So, regardless of your age you can always get started with a blog.

Whether you wish to advertise your business or simply want to share your ideas, views and thoughts, a blog site can give you the best platform.

Blogging can be free.

And if you want to get started with it right away, Blogger and WordPress are always there at your service.

In order to build your concept in blogging, launch your website first and promote your writings.

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Read on further to know more.

# 1 Decide Your Blogging Concept  

Ask Yourself What Stokes Your Passion:

While going to write something on a regular basis it is important to choose a subject that you care and love.

This will automatically keep you interested throughout.

You may choose from the following ideas so as to keep up your creative juices:

  • Food: You may share recipes and reviews of the local restaurants to earn some brownie points. You can even write about the kinds of food you ate recently while in a trip. As almost everyone loves tasting or cooking different foods, they will definitely appreciate your efforts and so will I.
  • Sports and Games: From 10 to 80, people of all age love games. Even if a few cannot play, they at least support games. Whether football, cricket or video games, you may find supporters and players everywhere around the world. Believe this or not, there are supporters who would throw a grand treat for anybody with empty stomach just to celebrate the winning of their favourite team. Strange though yet true! If you research a bit you may find millions of supporters and players (mostly unrecognised). And if your writings can inspire and inform these people about different sports and games nothing can be greater than that. Aside from writing about the regular sports you may choose to write about various local games that are hardly covered by the media.
  • Movies: The movie buffs will always enjoy reading the reviews of the recent movies as well as the old ones. And if you manage to add some fresh clippings that none has used before, your blog will be a big hit for sure.
  • Politics: Although everyone has certain opinion about politics, you may have a completely different view point for that matter. Let it be heard and your audience will reciprocate too.
  • Cars: If you are a car enthusiast you may share reviews and post the pictures of your new models in your blog.
  • Your Business: A blog can be used as a tool to connect your customers in order to provide them helpful information about your business.

#2  Start a Blog Right Away

Find How You Wish to Help the Audience:

Right wayWhile focussing on the subject area, it is equally important to lay emphasis on the topics narrowly to ensure that it has clarity in purpose.

Below mentioned are a few ways through which your blog can connect to your potential audience:

  • If you have relevant experience or idea about the topic you have chosen, then you can always offer or share your knowledge to them.
  • Writing about the recent developments in the area you are writing on will keep your audience interested and will increase the blog’s readership.
  • Regardless of the topic you are dealing with, presenting them in a humorous way will always boost the traffic.
  • If you have come across some life changing situations ever, you may share in your blog to help your audience draw inspiration. However, make sure you do not share any confidential information or secret.

# 3 Find Your Competition

Spy on all your competitions to check how they present their ideas through blogging.

Find what you have to offer to your audience that is totally different than what your competitors provide.

# 4 Decide a Unique Name for the Blog

Make a list of names and jot them down on a paper. You may even consult your friends and family for the same.

Just make sure that the name is relevant to what your blog offers.

# 5 Research Keywords to Increase Visibility of Your Blog

Try brainstorming the words, which have a great number of monthly searches. And when you have found those include them in your blog.

As the search engines read these keywords that are used naturally in the writing, they are likely to show your blog to innumerable web surfers.

This way you can even make contacts with big clients who can give you opportunities to make some money through blogging.

# 6 Launching Your Blog on a Free Site

While launching your blog you will have to fill out an online form.

As soon as you create the blog successful wait for a confirmation mail to get started.

Now, select a theme by clicking on the thumbnail.

There is simply no need to do any brainstorm for now as you can always switch over to a different theme later.

Additionally, determine whether you want the blog to be public or not. If you do, then click on the proper setting.

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# 7 Create Your First Ever Post

When deciding to get started with blogging one of your New Year resolutions should be to create compelling write-ups.

While composing your own blog make sure it is 100% unique and is informative. And for that you need to make appropriate amount of research.

Come up with original topics that will draw your audience’s attention.

Web surfers will visit your blog repeatedly if they enjoy what you write and how you write.

# 8 Promote Your Blog

Social Media Marketing

When almost everyone is socially connected via several networks such as Facebook and Twitter, promoting your blogs here will help.

The more is the traffic the greater will be your chances to make some money.

Therefore, it is suggested to share your writings in the social networking sites and get noticed.

And for that you need to add buttons to all your posts that will allow your readers to share the blogs on the various social media sites.

Introduce Yourself to the Readers

To promote your expertise it is crucial to add ‘About Me’ page on the blog site. You may even include your personal information there.

Get Your Blog Listed

In order to draw more traffic to your blog, list it with reputed directories. Research well to find such directories.

Interaction with Bloggers

To enable the readers know more of you it is important that you comment on different blogs.

When another blogger ‘likes’ your blog, you should too ‘like’ or comment on his/her site.

Create Stellar Content

A blog full of errors will never be appreciated.

Thus you make sure that the write-ups you post are error free.

You may take help of spelling and grammar checker to ensure that you are publishing a flawless writing.

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# 9 Monetize the Blog

Use Contextual Ad Service

When your blog has started attracting a large number of audiences, then you can make money by using various contextual ad services.

Well, these are nothing but automatically generated ads that matches to the topics your blog boasts.

Monetize your blog

The more audience click on these ads the more money you are likely to earn from the advertisers. However, watch out if;

  • You are using an ad not created by the host agency as then they may shut down the blog forever. While considering monetizing your blog you should invest sufficient time in finding a good contextual ad service.
  • You have incorporated insufficient keywords as that may result in ads, which do not match the reader’s interest.

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Create an eCommerce Site If Possible

An online wing for your business sounds appropriate in the cyber age. Blogger with an inclination or specialization in arts and crafts may find it a good platform to promote themselves.

Alternately, if you are an illustrator or writer, finding a T-shirt company that buys T-shirt graphics and lines will be a good way of finding a potential buyer.

On a less mercenary note, you do not necessarily have to monetize your blog, but if you have something that people might take interest in, in exchange of cash, why not?

Let Your Blog Direct the Traffic to Your Sellable

Let your blog be the welcome ground for buyers and donated taking interest in your commodity or cause.

Do not skip to mention your link in the blog to wherever relevant sites they may lead to, in order to promise the readers something more than just a good read.

One-click pay button would be great for a direct no-hassle transaction.

This is a surefire way of transforming readers into clients that often creative bloggers resort to for money minting.

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Consider Using Affiliate Programs

If you find an affiliate program that suits your blog, you actually agree to supply links to the business’ products and in the return you are paid for per audience who makes purchases after clicking on or following your link.

You may start looking for individual companies who offer affiliate programs.

However, consider the following factors if you decide to choose such a program:

  • When using a free hosting service, make sure you provide some really high quality content along with a limited number of links.
  • If you are paid by the company only for the last link clicked, then you should avoid linking to the intermediate pages, say another blogger’s review.

Choose Only Those Affiliate Products Your Readers will Buy

This means that if you write a food blog you recommend your readers kitchen utensils and not clothes.

Now that you know how to start blogging, look for a free blog site to get started with it.

Hundreds and thousands of individuals today invest time in blogging. And know this that they have been able to make a good amount of money out of it.

As search engine optimization is ever changing, the question is what to expect from 2015 and how to survive through the changes.

Here are a few tips especially for you;

  1. Create Quality Content: For achieving success in 2015 you will need to work hard on creating some high quality content for your site. Google rewards the sites who offer top-notch content consistently with more traffic and more business.
  2. Use Organic Outreach: Links were and still remain an essential element in SEO. But the only way to derive benefit from them is to get links organically. I prefer to read this post “How to Build High Quality Backlinks in a Scalable Way” by Neil Patel.
  3. Sign Up for Google+: Individuals who haven’t yet created their Google+ page, 2015 is the right time for them. You can expect to receive more attention from Google+ than before.
  4. Create Good Title Tags: Keep your title tags a bit descriptive with limited keywords in it. A title tag should be of at least 110 characters.


Apart from these four there are many more factors that are needed to be considered including using SEO-friendly URLS, more social media marketing so on and so forth.

However, with these signals to fall back on for ranking you can now get moving with your blog right away.


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