My Top 20 Favourite Blogs that Train You to Make Money Blogging

Blogs are certainly a source of income over a long term, if you are talented at writing about something you feel passionate about. I’ve found that blogging has great potential for generating income, which has not been tapped to the maximum yet.

One thing you need to know about blogging is that is it not an overnight money churning business. The amount of money you make from blogging depends on how you do it.

A big advantage of online businesses is that if you take the right effort now and be consistent, you can generate income for many years. It’s just like investing and getting the returns.

If you are just starting out or have already set up a blog, knowing the right methods and approach will help you generate income easily.

There are several blogs out there that help budding bloggers to learn about the best way they can make money from blogging.

I’ve found the guides, tips, and tutorials quite interesting and helpful.

Here are 20 of my favourite blogs that have been a constant source of useful tips, guides, and insights on blogging.



1. ProBlogger

Launched in 2004 by Darren Rowse, the site is a veritable source on blogging. It helps bloggers to learn basic skills, share their experience, and also make money out of blogging. There are over 7000 articles, tutorials, and tips as well as case studies that provide all information you need about blogging. The forum hosted by the site helps bloggers collaborate and boost their knowledge.



Started in 2007 by Kevin Muldoon, and later taken over by Zac Johnson in 2010, the site aims at educating bloggers on all aspects of blogging from setting up WordPress sites to generating income from the blog. It has a skilled team of writers who share resources on blogging. You can see interviews and regular updates on blogging and useful tips on how to become a successful blogger.


Founded by Brian Clark in 2006, this site started out as a single man blog, but now it is a huge organization that specializes in software and training related to blogging and other services. With more than 115,000 unique customers, the site is highly versatile source. I find the webinars and forums quite informative and the topics discussed are very useful. There are also seminars, eBooks, and articles for amateur bloggers and professionals that help in effective blog monetizing. Attracting viewers’ attention, increasing traffic, and building of business is easy with the material this blog comes up with regularly.


Started by Don James in 2012, the site gives useful Google blogger tips. Aimed at making your blog professional and in order to attract more traffic, it has tips on blogging that range from setting up of blogs and optimizing them to teaching the tricks that can boost the blog and generate income for the blogger easily. The tips, strategies, and traffic generating methods are presented in an attractive manner.


Founded by Ileane Smith, the blog’s main objective is helping in setting up a better blog. I like the YouTube video tutorials and podcasts, which give a comprehensive coverage of blogging. There are also blogging tips and social media tutorials.

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6. TipsandtricksHQ

Founded by Ruhul Amin, the blog has some useful as well as practical guides on blogging, web development, and WordPress site administration. Bloggers, product sellers, and web developers find this site useful. It has tips on blogging, tech, shop administration, and WP tweaks.  I’d suggest looking into the WordPress plugins the site has which are handpicked to help in monetizing blogs successfully.


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Dear Blogger by Greg Narayan has guides, eBooks, and blogging tips. The community hosted by the site gives troubleshooting tips on managing WordPress sites including design and strategic tips. From blog setup to boosting traffic, you get a wide range of tips and advices in this site.


This site by Mike Wallagher has ideas and guides on blog setup as well as optimization. You get blog promotion tips, free updates, and WordPress tricks that help you make your blog generate traffic and money.


This site by Melanie Nelson has training guides on blogging, and cites useful resources on the WordPress setup, design, and blogging sites that help you become a better blogger. The news articles archives also give interesting and helpful tips.

10. WP beginner

This is a favourite WordPress resource site that I often look into. Founded in 2009 by Syed Balkh, the site has tips, hacks, tricks, and resources that help beginners understand the basic setup and move on to the complex part easily. The tutorials found here are very informative.



This blog was founded in 2010 by Anil Agarwal from India which works on the precinct of demystifying the myth of making money online. It has handy information on making money online, affiliate marketing tips, SEO, and blogging in general. Bloggerspassion has very useful tips that I have applied in my money making endeavours. I also find articles on social media a good read because of the role social media plays in driving traffic.


It is a Malaysian based website with tons of useful issues on blogging, making money online, SEO, and affiliate marketing. I also love it because it encourages guest posting which is a good way of increasing traffic to your website. The website is constantly updated and you can be sure of fresh content whenever you visit. I am a sitting duck for infographics and the website doesn’t let me down in this respect. There are well designed infographics to simplify concepts and to compliment the content. I would recommend bloggersentral for anyone who wants to jump start his/her blogging career or wants to make real money online.

Choose Your Topic Wisely


The website is run by Pat Flynn. Any blogger who doesn’t know Pat is surely missing a lot. Pat publishes his monthly income which I find inspiring. He offers important advice on how to run niche blogs and how you can make money out of them. What inspired me even more is how he started the niche site duel and was able to create a website from scratch that earns thousands of dollars per month.


It is one of those websites that only focus on providing valuable content to its readers. The website is owned by Ben Barden, an avid blogger with years of experience. This website encourages me to write often. The mantra is you cannot be a good blogger if you don’t love writing. Ben also emphasises on the importance of choosing a niche and sticking to it. You need to write about something you are passionate about or at least have an interest. This message is resonated in the whole website and you will surely have a reason to start a blog after going through it.




It is one of my favourite blogs of all times. The website was founded by Harsh Agrawal, an engineer by profession. Shoutmeloud is an umbrella of other blogs which preach the same message. It has thousands of articles and training manuals which I find thoroughly satisfying. The story of Agrawal is that of inspiration which any blogger would benefit from. You can literally create your own online empire from scratch by just going through the articles on the website. It has adequately covered WordPress, SEO, making money online, affiliate marketing, and related stuffs.


Although fairly new, the website has useful and engaging content. The website was founded in 2011 by Amir Ali, a computer science student. I love the simplifications of the explanations. The website covers SEO, making money online, WordPress, and blogging tips. What is more astonishing is that Amir is only 18 years old, yet he has invaluable knowledge about making money online.



I like this blog because it has a feminism touch to it. Whether you are a newbie or blogging guru, you can always pick a lesson or two from Jane. She started blogging as a way of relieving stress. She didn’t know that one day she would inspire such a great multitude of people online. Jane shares her success secrets in blogging which any beginner will find useful.

Make Money


This is one blog that you wouldn’t want to miss in your mailing list. It was founded by Neil Patel. His main focus is to help websites make money. He passionately talks about how you can turn traffic leads into sales. I find his reports on social media optimization fascinating. He is fond of infographics which I also like. He owns other websites which are useful as well in the field of blogging and making money online.


It is a website founded by Rahul Kuntala, a computer science graduate who decided to become a full time blogger. He inspires me because one of his main objectives is to turn others into full time bloggers as well. He shares on how you can create quality content and attract visitors who are more likely to become customers. I recommend learnblogtips if you are just starting out.


The name itself is a clue on what happens at the blog. It is updated on a daily basis to give you fresh content on blogging, making money, SEO, and internet marketing. I find the question and answer section very useful as not many blogs have such a platform. If WordPress excites you, there are very useful guides here that can refine your fundamentals considerably.

While some of these sites have been functioning for a long time, others are fairly new, but nevertheless provide all that you want to know about blogging. Right from beginners to established bloggers, these sites offer resourceful tips that help you to get a better understanding about the methods and how to improve them and make money easily.

Bonus one:

21. First Site Guide

First Site Guide is a great website to visit if you need help to start a personal or business blog/site.

They offer countless number of useful and completely FREE resources for blogging newbies, because they believe in a web for everyone! Be sure to check out their Free blogging guides and more resources!

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