Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn is a unique portable Bluetooth speaker that is cherished by its users for its high quality sound and classic style. It stands out for its rock ‘n’ roll and rugged looks. If you are looking for a retro-styled, loudest-possible speaker with a compact design, this is the perfect option. It is not just an all-out blaster. It delivers well-balanced audio output that covers the highest and midrange well.

Key Highlights

  • It is louder beyond your expectations
  • Delivers earth-pounding bass
  • Provides both treble and bass controls
  • Staggering 20 hours of battery capacity
  • Wider frequency response

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High Battery Capacity

Marshall Kilburn goes beyond the average battery capacity of other portable Bluetooth speakers. Its built-in battery can deliver a stunning 20 hours of playback. This makes it the perfect portable stereo speaker. You can venture out with it for days and enjoy almost up to a full day of music.

Marshall has designed a replaceable battery into the Kilburn. This makes it different from most of the portable speakers available out there which come with sealed batteries. Once the battery’s lifespan comes to an end, you can replace them and renew your speaker’s playback time like it’s brand new. This adds more value to this elegant speaker.

Design & Looks

It is hard not to fall in love with Marshall Kilburn. If nothing gets you, the brushed metal finish, the knobs, and the velvet strap will keep your eyes glued to this retro-styled speaker. All the inputs have brushed metal finish. Not only are the controls beautiful, they are also a delight to use. The controls have just the perfect resistance that feels like music in itself.

It has the classic Marshall style. The front fret has a retro look, there is the script logo, and then golden metal details. It looks a lot like Marshall’s guitar amps, having 2 tweeters and 1 woofer. The Marshall Kilburn weighs a decent 6.6 pounds that is sturdy and will not start jittering when it plays those high-bass or high-pitch tracks.

Like many other portable Bluetooth speakers, the Kilburn is also devoid of a USB port. So when you carry it along, don’t think of charging your phone. It will not help you there. Marshall has gone a step further to keep it more classic.

Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Designed for Performance

There is a solid reason why Marshall has built a relatively heavier Portable Bluetooth Speaker in the Kilburn. You can achieve sound output specific to your preferences because of the independent controls for treble and bass. Set it to just 50% treble and bass and it will blow away anyone with its in-depth bass and flying highs.

With a vast frequency response of 62Hz to 20 kHz, the Marshall Kilburn is not just another portable BT speaker with weak bass. It covers lower end frequencies which are not there in many other speakers. If you have tracks with the heaviest of bass, this is the perfect portable speaker to play them on. It can leave your friends amazed with its floor-shaking power.

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The Marshall Legacy

Marshall has a solid reputation in the industry. Its black and golden guitar amps have set the standard, and the speakers and headphones are also doing the same. The brand also offers wireless and wired headphones. The Marshall Kilburn along with the Stockwell covers the needs of different kinds of audiophiles.

Even when the Bluetooth speaker market seems to be packed with so many options, the Marshall Kilburn can simply not be ignored. It’s not just the performance, it’s about the overall experience of using the Kilburn that sets it apart. It looks as good as it sounds.

The Marshall Kilburn brings you the unique look and feel of Marshall. When it comes to performance, it is like taking a powerful set of speakers anywhere you go. With 20 hours of playback capacity, this retro styled Bluetooth speaker adds more convenience to your experience. The Kilburn is among the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers, with the perfect midrange and highs delivering sounds which miss nothing. A wider frequency response means better performance than many other speakers in its class. Whether it’s the looks, the feel, or the output – everything is designed to win over anyone’s heart.

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    Portable Bluetooth speaker are good example of revolution of technology. Marshall kilburn really sounds amazing with its features most important about this speaker is – it delievers long lasting battery life which is most important when we select best bluetooth speakers.

    Mostly Bluetooth speaker delivers least battery life approx. 5 to 6 hours which can distraction when we are enjoying our good times. Eventually, thanks for for revealing a light on this topic.

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