Live betting on 1xbet

Live betting on 1xbet

Live bets are bets that can be made during a sporting event. The standoff between the bookmaker and the player takes place in real time. Both are watching the event and trying to get ahead of each other.

The bookmaker’s task in is not to miss an important moment, calculate the probability in time and change the coefficient on the site. The player also monitors what is happening and is trying to catch the moment in order to make the most profitable bet for himself in

Sport betting on a favorite who started badly

In any sport, a draw may reduce an obvious favorite and an outsider. Sport betting is very wide. Pre-match odds are unfavorable: at best, 1.1 is for winning the favorite. 1.1 is not worth betting. It is better to start watching the match and navigate along the way.

  • For example, in a tennis match, the favorite makes a mistake in the first game and misses the game in his serve in sport betting While the players have a lot of strength, such a mistake is likely to grow into a struggle and exhaust both athletes. Experienced players are ready to give the set, while saving power and exhausting the opponent. See more in “Live”.
  • In such a situation, the bookmaker looks only at the account and evaluates only him. If the favorite has lost the set, then the coefficients on his victory can double or even triple.
  • This is the best time to bid. Then rested favorite fully included in the game and replays the tired outsider. The main thing is to determine that it was a deliberate maneuver. An outsider can catch courage and put on a favorite.
  • Such logic is suitable not only for tennis, but also for any other sport. 

Live Express in streaming football link

To increase the odds in the live mode, you need to collect express trains from events in simultaneously running matches. This is most easily done in football.

A proven strategy is 3 × 85. We need to wait 85 minutes and put on the fact that there will be no more goals in two or three at the same time running matches in streaming football link: This express will give a ratio of up to 1.6. And the likelihood that the goal will no longer be – higher, maybe in the last minutes the teams try to dry the game and keep the score.

Bets during the match are in demand. You can watch the broadcast and guess the outcome in real time. If luck is on your side, you will get the winnings very soon. But if you do not develop a strategy and do not follow the bank, then live betting is the surest path to financial losses.