Know people better through the Instagram feature of Tinder


If you are single then there is a great chance that you are on Tinder, the widely popular dating app. Social networking sites have a lot of influence on our lives, as they make it easier for us to reach out to a lot of people while sitting within the comfort of our homes.

People have been able to find businesses, work, friends, acquaintances, life partners and a lot more over social sites.

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Tinder is an app designed for iPhone and Android which gives an opportunity to meet new people just like you do in your real life. It is mostly used as a dating app where the information about people is gathered through Facebook profiles and the app matches the profiles with your interests, backgrounds, location etc.

Instagram feature of Tinder

Then you may like or reject any of the potential matches by a swiping gesture. When two people mutually ‘like’ each other’s profiles then the software allows them to chat with each other.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating app available in 24 languages with 50 million users and now it allows to swipe the recent Instagram pictures of potential matches.

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You can see up to 34 pictures of your potential matches. It also helps you browse through open profiles of people through Instagram photos. You can simply tap on Instagram photos and browse through the profiles of people.

In order to help people to know each other in a better way, Tinder has in it a feature called ‘Tinder moments’, using which you can take pictures and send it to all your potential matches who can view your ‘moments’ and swipe left for ‘nope’ or swipe right for ‘like’.

It is the same procedure which you use for profiles. You can later see who liked your profile and who has not.

Tinder is constantly being updated and improved and the incorporation of Instagram into it allows you to know your potential matches in a deeper way, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.


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