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I hate you

This is what bloggers and SEO people say to Google after every algorithm update. Google is often bashed and criticized for what it does to people’s online businesses. But, is Google really that bad?

You shouldn’t say YES if you are aware of all the free tools Google is providing to billions of its users. In our case, Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.

These are the tools that most of the bloggers and SEO people benefit from. And these two tools have no match. For those who don’t find value in these tools, I have one advice “Learn them first”.

I kept using analytics to see my traffic stats only for quite a long time.

But when I actually learnt about what all could be done using analytics alone, I was like

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Literally, I was like that. In this article I am going to discuss a few Google Analytics Tips that will help you in your online endeavors.

Record Your SEO Efforts In Analytics

If you have a blog you must be doing SEO. Whether black hat bulk link building or white hat slow and steady approach, you must record each and every step taken in course of SEO in to your analytics.

The reason you should do so is that, we want to track changes that are caused by different SEO approaches.

For example after I am finished publishing this post on Nisha’s blog, I will head over to my analytics account and use a feature named “Annotation” to record this activity on this particular date.

This will help me associate any improvements or deteriorations in my traffic to this blog post. See this image:

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This one is made up for example only. Look at the distinct blue dot at which a blue arrow is pointing. Let’s assume it is an annotation that I saved on 23rd may after publishing this guest post.

The sudden rise in traffic on 24th and 25th of may indicate that the guest post worked. It brought some fresh traffic instantly. The later steady growth will only strengthen the argument.

This is how I will be able to identify the SEO methods that work best for me and abandon the ones that cause any regressions in traffic.

To create an annotation in Google analytics , sign in, go to Audience > Overview and click on the little downward pointing arrow beneath the graph.


Then click on “create new annotation” and insert date and a few words to remember the reason of annotation.


I recommend doing this thing on following occasions:

  1. Every time a new blog post is published
  2. Every time a new guest post is published
  3. Whenever major changes are brought in the blog (Theme change, Url structure change etc)
  4. Every time I do any sort of link building (PBN, Web 2.0 etc)
  5. Every time I re-do my posts or pages for SEO tweaking

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Find Pages With Traffic Opportunity

I want to make the most of each and every page of my website, even if it is a category page or an archive page. With a little digging you can identify those pages that are potential traffic generators.

To understand how we can find traffic opportunities let us look at an example website’s analytics data.

Our example website has a web page which is not of primary importance to its owners. This webpage appears 60,000 times in search results and has an average ranking position of 8.5 (Which is very good).

The problem with this page is that the CTR is way too low (0.07%) due to which it is only bringing 35 visits each month. Have a look at it:


You can see that it outranks even the main page in terms of number of impressions it is getting but still it is not playing its part. We can easily get a minimum of 3000 visitors from this page alone by just increasing the CTR to 5%.

How To Find such pages in your website?

If you have a website that is not too big, you can easily find such pages in Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Landing Pages.

Skim through the rows and find all the pages with High number of impressions and CTR lower than 2%. But if your website has lots of pages you can use the filters available just above the “average position” column.

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Click on it and add following three filters using the link that says “+ Add a dimension or metric”

You can set any values depending upon the size of your website. For my little blog I would set the values as follows:


Average Position > Less than > 10

CTR > Less than > 2

Impressions > Greater than > 500

This way all the pages that are appearing more than 500 times in search results having average position less than 10 and getting lower than 2% CTR would appear on the page.

This way I would be in a better position to plan my actions.

What would my actions be for such pages?

Increase their CTR:

You can increase the search result CTR of a webpage by using better and targeted meta descriptions because it appears in search results.

A person who searched for “GSA Link List Download” will never come to my website if my meta description says something like “A complete guide to building bigger GSA Links Lists”.

This tells him that we do not have Link lists for download, we are actually teaching you about how to build your own.

This trick alone can skyrocket your CTR.

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Increase Rankings:

Another way of increasing search result CTR of a webpage is to increase its rank. I believe you don’t need explanations for that.

That old basic lesson about how most of the CTR is secured by the first result and it shrinks as we move down to the tenth result, remember?

Over to you:

So, now you can easily find out such pages and save all that traffic you had been neglecting and you can also find out all your actions that improve your traffic stats and repeat them again and again.

Please take a moment to say if you learnt anything of value here or drop your questions through comments.


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