Improved SEO Techniques For 2013

A website designer need to gain the highest rank of his website and it is very important for him to get the better knowledge about SEO terms that are commonly used. He needs to understand all the SEO techniques and terms he might need to improve the ranking of his website. The SEO techniques improve and modify every year. The designers need to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques so that they can use them to improve their website promotion techniques.

Effective Link Building

Here are some of the improved and modified SEO techniques being used in 2013 that must be remembered by all the website designers. These techniques will help them in content writing as well as in the web designing methods.


Keywords can be in two kinds. One of which is normal keywords that are usually a phrase consisting of keywords or it may be in the form of additional words that are long keyword phrases. The websites need to improve their rankings in the search engines by making the use of such specific keywords. Generally, it is easier to improve the rankings of websites when they are having the keywords in the form of long tailed phrases.  So, according to the SEO techniques being used in 2013, the keywords with long tailed phrases will be preferred.

Keyword Density:

The keyword density will help in determining how many times the keyword has been mentioned in the post or the article or even in the whole website content after hundred words. The keyword density that is appropriate for website ranking improvement is one or three percent. If you are adding the keywords for too many times, then this step is known as keyword stuffing.

Page Rank:

Page rank of any website is its actual ranking in the search engines. If it is a new site, its rank will be zero at the beginning. As you keep on adding content and articles in the website, build connection or start getting traffic to your website, the range of the page increases. Every time, the site is opened and found by search engines, the ranking increases. The ranking ranges from 0 to 9. A blog, which is new and is becoming very popular and is rich in content or linking, achieves good page ranking. The websites like Google, Facebook or such sites which are famous and considered ideal pages for every internet user, are ranked at 9.

Link Popularity:

It is based usually on the online traffic as well as the quality and quantity of the websites which are having links on websites. There are several techniques on search engines for this. These search engines are now focusing on what is the similarity between the links and the website quality to which they are connecting.


These are some of the most important techniques that will be considered as most essential SEO techniques in 2013. There are some other techniques and things like Backlinks which need to be improved in the future SEO methods for better performance and better results.