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As a website owner, connecting with your customers is probably the most important task you carry out throughout the day.

And to be honest, everything that we do, be it blog or develop a product or offer a service all ultimately boils down on how well we engage with our customers.

Chances are you’ll agree on this with me. So, let us carry on.

Facing the Fact 

Most of us aren’t marketing wizards and thus fight a constant battle on how to connect with your customers.

Looking deeper the saddest part is, we have all the direction as in the pdfs, the plr content, inspirational blogs etc but when it comes to implementing them, most of us still fail. Don’t we?

So here’s the good news. Icegram, is a WordPress plugin that helps you to engage and convert your customers instantly” It helps you to show messages in places that are the most prominent, while the targeting rules help you to control the way the messages are shown as well.


So, what is Icegram? 

In simpler terms, it’s a marketing/ re-targeting tool that helps you display messages and lets you communicate effortlessly with your customers. The results? Better engagement and more conversion!

Icegram – Tell me more 

The amazing part is, in Icegram the Free features are as much useful as the paid ones.

The FREE features

Icegram is a 4-in-1 WordPress plugin that helps in acquiring, engaging and retaining your online visitors. It comes with 4 basic features popups, action bars, messengers and toast notifications. And to your surprise all this is what the free version provides.

The PAID features 

If you love the free version you’ll like to explore premium add-ons even more. Icegram provides premium add-ons that do a lot of cool stuff and are priced anything between $7- $25.

Have a look at add-ons here ( )

Right now I’m using the Super Bundle pack, and am extremely happy with it. With this pack I got the following add-ons: 

  • Themes Pack 1
  • Analytics
  • Behavior Triggers
  • CTA Actions
  • Geo Targeting
  • Stickies
  • Badges
  • Overlays
  • Ribbons
  • Sidebars
  • Inline

While the Super Bundle pack comes at an amazingly affordable price:$49, the features are really amazing and easy to use.


Unlike other plugins Icegram doesn’t have any hidden charges. The Free version is extremely usable and comes with around 37 themes, much more than what many paid plugins give.

As for the add-ons, they aren’t compulsory. Buying them is completely on your choice nothing forceful like other plugins.

What’s the main focus?

Icegram is not just an email opt-in plugin. It handles a lot more. The main purpose of Icegram is connecting with the visitors and engaging with them. The various features of Icegram are flexible and can be used for multiple purposes.

Here are 35 absolute unique ways that Icegram can be used and I bet you can think of a lot more after reading this amazing list. So please do read..( )

Is it useful for you? 

Yes, if you own a website..Icegram is useful to you. We all have customers and we all want to connect with them right? Icegram gives you a platform to connect better. The beautiful messages of Icegram easily grab attention and hence set a stage for you to communicate with your visitor.

Enough Talk!!! Digging Deeper

As mentioned Icegram is a free resource with 4 amazing features.

1) Pop ups

2) Action Bars

3) Notification messages

4) Messenger

These features are called messages. Icegram doesn’t only let you display messages simply but instead it helps you display messages bundled with targeting rules.

Interesting? I’ll tell you how..

Creating your first Icegram Message 

Creating your Icegram Message is so simple, even if you are new to blogging and have no idea how it is done, you can do it like a pro.

Here is a step by step guide for you to install the message:

Installation and Setup:

Step 1: Simply download the Icegram plugin at and go to install it go to Plugins > Add new > Upload.

Once you activate the plugin you will get the new Icegram option panel on your WordPress admin.

Step 2: Now you can simply go to add new campaign and get started. You will have to select the message type from the drop down i.e either popup/ action bar/ messenger/ toast notification. Here (in the below screenshot) I’ve selected ‘messenger’.

Step 3: Once you choose your message type, you can go ahead filling the rest of the design/detail options like the theme, the headline, the main message and the position of the message.

Step 4: Once the major details are done simply fill the targeting rules. Now Icegram has made targeting the message really very simple. There are 5 basic targeting rules that you need to set out.

Messenger - Icegram

  1. Where: Select the page(s) you want the message to be displayed. Eg: Homepage/ Site wide/ Individual pages)
  2. Who: Choose who can view your messages. Eg: All users/ only logged in users/ not logged in users.
  3. When: Choose the time you want to display the message .Eg: Always/Schedule
  4. Re-targeting: Choose after how long the message should be made visible to the visitor after it is shown once. Eg: Current session/ Weeks/Months/Years/Never

Once the targeting rules are set the message works exactly how you chose it to.

Thus, with absolutely no technical/ professional skills you can simply create a powerful message and make it work just the way you want it. Can it get simpler than this?

Want to know how the message in looking on my blog. Here is the screenshot for you:

Messaging Campaign

Why Icegram? Here come the Competitors…

The internet is full of options of similar plugins but none of them is as comprehensive as Icegram. A few plugins that provide similar features are:

For Popups – Optin Monster, Ninja Popups, Pippity

For Action Bar – Hello Bar, WordPress Notification Bar

While I’ve previously used Hello Bar in my blog and got pretty decent feedback; but after trying out Icegram I must say, they are quite different.

To start with:

  • As you can see on the screenshot below, Hello Bar gives you an option to display only one message in a banner format, while Icegram gives you full flexibility to generate a fully fledged campaign.
  • While Hello bar give you only one messaging option, Icegram provides with 4 options notification bars, popups, messengers, toasts.

Action Bar Campaign

According to me Hello Bar and Icegram are two very different tool, and when used correctly can bring you good results.

The Giant Threat

Every business has a monster threat and we went behind the scenes to ask the makers who their biggest competitor was…

To that Icegram was quick to accept Sumo Me is their giant competition.

The only reason being it’s comprehensive as well. Sumo Me just like Icegram is multi featured and does a lot of things like popups, action bars, messenger.

However, we still feel Icegram wins. Here’s a indepth review that tells you why 

Giveaway for you

After reading the amazing benefits of Icegram you must all set to try it out. Well, chances are you can win any premium add-on of your choice from this small contest.

What you’ll have to do? 

Step 1: Write a comment on this post.

Step 2: Share this post on G+ and Facebook publicly.

Step 3: Most importantly, finish the below sentence and tweet the message: ‘Just downloaded #Icegram the amazing #WordPress Lead generator, it’s just…………………………….’

Finish the sentence and tweet.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Three lucky winners will be selected on the following basis:

  • How appealing the tweeted message is
  • All other steps are completed or not.

As the giveaway winner, you can win any amazing add-on of your choice that would otherwise cost you anything between $7 to $25. 

So, what are you waiting for, start sharing!!!

Over to you 

If you own a website and are looking for an easy and stress free way to connect to your customers Icegram is well worth a try. It’ll take hardly 5 minutes to download/ setup your first campaign but surely it will save a lot of your traffic and time.

Go for it right away Download the free version now and see how it works for you.

Do let us know your experience.


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