How To Optimize WordPress Site For Local Businesses



As stated above, WordPress holds an extensive support for the wide range of plugins that are built to function specifically, one such plugin is WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. This plugin can be easily integrated with WordPress sites providing all functionalities needed to enhance and optimize the site for hire Local SEO agency. This plugin is available in both free and premium versions.

Tips To Build Local Presence With Your WordPress Site

Try adding Citations

Citations, as understood by the word, means to mention the name, address and other relevant information of your business on other different pages. This helps when a source isn’t linked back with your site. Get your business listed in popular directories and SERP. Either do it yourself or take help from some paid services that could help in managing citation projects.

Show Your city/location On Your Website

Try to communicate with your audience and show them that you are accessible by sharing your business location in your content. But make sure whatever you add in the content must be relevant and not overrated. Stuffing all unnecessary information about your city, state, location, etc. would make it complex, so be precise.

Include Reviews

Generating positive and honest reviews about your business is the prime investment that you can do to make it profitable run for future. Consumers are more inclined towards sites that include customers’s reviews and feedbacks. These reviews help consumers to categorize different options of the same category.

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Use Structured data to add name, address and contact details

Now, after completing the above three, you must add your name, contact and address using structured data on your WordPress site. This structured data is an on-page markup that helps SERP crawl your site easily. Such data also helps search engines to know the active information on the site and use them while showing your site during search result listings.

Conclusion: Local SEO has always been a creative and tricky science that managed to impress both businessmen and customers. Before beginning with any of these above-mentioned steps, do a thorough research about your target audience to know their needs. Generate good market value for your business amidst audience and integrate advanced options to get it ranked high on SERP.