Many of the business enthusiasts are now days trying to gain popularity by link building and SEO techniques and showing their presence by natural link followers through different social platforms. In this techno-crazy environment it becomes necessary for every business to have a good imprint of their products and services over a larger mass. For this they use various social networking sites for promotional purposes.

google-rankingThe changing trend of the search engines to give SERP rankings based on the customer experience rather than mere SEO techniques and liking has made all of the businesses to adopt social networking medium that can give them hefty fan following and finally good page ranking. When it comes to the online social arena there are some good and legit ways as well as bad ways to do this. But the changing rules and regulations of these social networks are checking your old grandma tactics that finally lead to the suspension or even banning of your company on that social media platform. So you need to update yourself with time due to changing needs of the customer base and social requirements.

Here is how to manage your social media profile and become popular by avoiding spam:

For your company web page / website:

The reach of social media to a greater mass eventually makes a business holder either small or big to make its presence on various social networks. You can opt some or even all from the list of available social networking media like Facebook (FB), Google Plus (G+), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more, but always keep in mind that your activities are not like spam, as they are strictly handled by all of them.

  • Planning and research:

You need to do a lot of planning and research prior creating a social profile like you would do for any other marketing activity. You should setup your social media goals, and work accordingly.

  • Brand management:

If you want to be a popular “brand” in the near future, then it is really important that you always post and comment on the basis of the facts and proofs, you must never create a spurious matter without any base for your business, because if it will ever be traced by your followers and customers will be considered as breach of their trust. It is thus important for you to be true and be honest in your providing as well as information.

  • Mending a personal touch with community responses:

It would always be appreciated and add to your business profile when you thank your followers for their liking, tweets and regularly help them in various queries according to your expertise. Your good behaviour will eventually resemble your inclination and motivation towards your business.

  • Start a blog and create content to share:

A blog is a necessary thing that will help you to portray your feelings and offerings in front of greater mass. The blog is an effective medium to attract followers as well as lure them to share your blogs, for gaining fan following. It is necessary that you are regularly active on both your blog and social profile. Your content must be innovative and free of any copying, and in a tone that will make your readers to share and like them for others as well.

  • Addition of buttons for sharing on social media:

It is normal that your website as well as blog will get visitors that will surely want to share it with their friends on the social networks. Thus, this is favourable to add an easy to share button that you can incorporate there by asking to your webmaster or website designer. Every share and like shows the increasing traffic to your blogs and websites.

  • Email Newsletter subscriptions and RSS Feeds:

Adding the facility to your visitors to get daily/ weekly/ monthly newsletter will ease your customers to get updated with your information, advices, blog postings etc. RSS feeds can also help your promotion in this respect.

For your social profile:

Facebook is the most used social network out there, Google plus have a large professional following, Twitter is good for daily updates and promotion LinkedIn will give you professional exposure and Pinterest certainly allows you to share various images and videos concerned with your businesses. So if you have a great fan following of your social profiles then it will add to your search engine SERP as well.

  • First thing is to make an appealing profile that has relevant information of your company, product, service etc. and try to take an easy to remember Facebook URL, Twitter Username, LinkedIn profile name etc, which will help your followers to come to your page frequently without any much effort.


  • Use graphics and customizations to your profile page. The more appealing and attractive your page, the more time and focus will a visitor give to it. You must add interactive themes and options that can engage them and give a new feeling.
  • Interact with other users and encourage them to share your profile with others through attractive posts and status updates.
  • Make use of the promotional offerings that are provided by these social networks intentions of promoting your business and products. But, always keep your business, promotional and personal content in balance at your blogs and the profile pages; if they do not have resemblance then it is better to avoid them while adding/posting.
  • Create new and viral matter: every person wants to see and read about new and up to date things. Searchers are always in need of good and fresh material that can quench their hunger for quality. If they like your content, it is a good point that they will surely share it over many social platforms, so making it viral in a lesser time.

End note:

You will find it hectic to use all of the suggested things to implement at a time. We prefer to use them as per your convenience and change them in considerable period to provide changing and soothing experience to your followers.

About the author:

Ankur Sharma is an undergraduate engineer and is associated to various social networks with intents of promotion and guides various business persons the tricks to get best outcome from their social media offerings.

  1. First of all, thank you for the wonderful assay and great, new, and crveitae oriented idea, and as i understood from your meaningful words that Social Entrepreneurship is more of an Idea than actual application with rules and headlines.what I ment is that this concept can be applicable in all, and i mean ALL ways of social, commercial, public, & private.Thank you again for your inspiring words and continuing effort to set an example for all of us.

  2. Thanks Umar.