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How to give maximum exposure to your site under Google Penalty?

Search Engine Penalties are flusters for every webmasters. Getting such a penalty makes your site to fall down in search engine pages. According to Google, over 400,000 manual actions were reporting every month and other many websites are being penalized for algorithmic updates such as Google Panda and Penguin.

There are mainly two types of search engine penalties: Manual penalty and Algorithmic penalty.

Manual Penalty:

Manual penalties are noticed by a message in Google Webmaster Tools and manual spam actions including un-natural links are the major cause for hitting this penalty.

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Google penalty

Algorithmic Penalty:

In Algorithmic penalty there are mainly of two types Panda and Penguin. The most popular algorithmic update is Panda.  Panda relates to usability and content quality of the site. We know recently Google rolled out Panda 4.2 in July 17, 2015, but it may take months to roll out. Here are some major Google Algorithmic updates so far.

To know more about the update follow Google webmasters in YouTube or Check Moz-cast.

Penguin penalties relates to over optimization or Black Hat SEO. Penguin update is focussed on backlinks and anchor text distribution. Low quality backlinks from other sites is major reason for this particular penalty.

  • Backlinks from the websites having duplicate content and violating Google’s guidelines.
  • Baclinks from spammy comments and forums.
  • Having website links from widgets, sidebars or footer.
  • Using spammy techniques like cloaking, doorway pages, Hidden text are the major reasons for penguin penalty.

If you site is hit by any of the above penalty in some instance, your site may be completely removed from the Google Index or drop down in SERP.

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What is next?

So this is a challenge when your site is not ranking well for your major keywords. Here are some ways to bring back traffic to your site under a penalty situation.

Analyse all your Backlinks:

First you need to check in your webmaster’s Tools and download all of the backlinks.

You can find that in the left menu in the webmaster tool.

Google webmaster search console

Go to Search Traffic à Links to your site

Click “Download latest links” and now you can import all the backlinks from the webmasters and identify the spammy links that causes for the penalty by any seo tool.

Google webmaster

Request for removing those bad links:

After finding the spammy links, start requesting to remove those links. Find the website owners name and email to their webmaster in a polite manner.

Here is an example:

Google webmaster tool

You can get the contact details from the website. If you didn’t find that, then use to find their email address.

What to do if your email got ignored?

Yes, if your email is got ignored by that particular webmaster, then you need to disavow the entire domain.

What is Disavow?

This is actually a way to ask Google not to count certain links that points to your site. Using this tool in an incorrect way can hurt your site.

After removing all those bad links, it’s time to refresh your site.  You can consider the following to get a speedy recovery from the penalties and to get better rankings.

  • Create good content

In order to get out from an algorithmic penalty like Panda, improved existing content and new quality content is essential. Including Natural links to new content pages can improve your site link profile.

You need to focus on relevant and long tail keywords. Look for offsite avenues to publish and to share your content.

Try for Guest Blogging; this will help your contents to reach more people. Be sure to focus on quality websites that are relevant to your site.

  • Making a better UI experience for visitors

When people visit your website, make sure they can easily navigate to other pages. Use internal links to get a maximum page rank. Proper image optimization and a better site load time will definitely help your site for a better ranking.

  • Engage in Social Media

If your site is hit by any penalty, traffic from search results will be difficult. Thus it is important to try on other sources for generating traffic to your site and Social Medias are best option. Earlier we talk about the importance of contents and you need to share your contents in any of the social media platform.

We know Social Media Marketing is more popular now and you can use these social sites for marketing your contents.

Not only contents, you can create a page for your business and these share news, blogs, videos etc. You can add your company links in each post and you can increases visitors to your site. These all will help to give maximum exposure to your site.

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  • Paid Promotion

To make up lost traffic Paid promotion is another option. There are running ads on every social sites and this will boost your site visitor’s count. Thus you can get back your traffic, back links and leads.

  1. Disavow is the best way to work on those links that seems spammy. It is awesome that you have mentioned how to check out the links that are linking back to our website. I didn’t know that feature in GWT. This is the great way to keep checking on the links your website has and to detect if there is anything that can harm your SERP.

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    More and More update are coming in Google.