How to Ensure your Blog is Accessible Across all Devices & Browsers

  1. How to make your blog accessible from all devices

You can have a large amount of great content on your blog, but it’s wasted if few people are looking at it. If you are not getting the amount of views you want, it could be to do with the fact that your blog is not optimised for accessibility. This usually means that although your blog may be easy to access and read using a desktop, the same is not the case when it comes to mobile devices.

This is not a good position to be in; you need to make sure that your blog is read by as many people as possible. The number of people using a mobile device to browse the Internet is now larger than the number of people who use a desktop device. You cannot afford to miss out on such a large potential audience. Let’s take a look at how you can go about making your blog accessible from every device.

2. The positives and negatives of creating a mobile site for your blog

Many businesses opt for creating a separate mobile web presence; you can do this for your blog. This can be a cost-effective means of creating a blog that is easily accessible using a mobile device. It’s also possible to create this type of website without having much technical know-how. There are downsides to having a separate mobile web presence though. One of the main issues is that you have to update two separate blogs; one for people reading using a desktop and one for people who are using a mobile device. You also run the risk of someone clicking on a shared link to your blog and getting directed to the mobile site when they are using a desktop.You do have another option; you can use responsive web design when creating your blog.

The positives and negatives of using responsive web design to create your blog

One of the big positives of responsive web design is that it’s recommended by Google. This is part of the reason why it’s often used by web design specialists, such as Quikclicks. You can also use responsive web design, when you are creating your blog.

If you do this it means that you only have one blog to manage, and the content adjusts to fit any size of screen. This means that your blog can be accessed using any type of device. It’s important to note that you still have to think carefully when you are creating content for your blog. For instance, you should always use a font which is easy to read using a mobile device and you should make sure that any links you use can easily be accessed using a touchscreen.

The best way to make sure that you have successfully created a blog that can be accessed using any device is to test it. Try reading your blog using a mobile device, and take note of the experience. If you are not completely happy with what you find, then other web users will not be either.

  1. Hey Nisha,
    Very happy to know how to make blog accessible from any devices.

    These responsive blogs are very popular and if you are looking to increase the website traffic then your website must be responsive. Responsive website design to your blog is best to reach your content to every devices user such as desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc, because it adjust itself anyhow in any devices and looks great to reader.
    Good to know responsive web design is recommended by Google. I have also heard that responsive web design is best website ranking in google.

    Yeah, definitely agree with you, for creating a content to blog, we must choose a font which is easy to read opening it in any devices clearly and link can be accessed very easily using touchscreen.

    Thanks for the awesome guidelines to design responsive websites accessible by any devices browsers.
    – Ravi.