Share Market

How To Encourage The Youngsters To Start Investing In Share Market

Many youngsters don’t give time to understand the operations of the share market and how to invest prudently. Opposed to the popular belief that investment opportunities are only open to the middle-aged working class, youngsters who have just started working can also invest. According to a survey from Ally Invest, 61% of young adults in the U.S. said that investing in the stock market is “scary or intimidating.” However, if you handle the risks correctly, you can enjoy the benefits of the stock market to secure your future, financial position, and also earn a significant amount of money.

While you don’t need to sacrifice your lifestyle when you are young, it is always best to have a long-term investment plan as it will ensure that your savings are with you whenever needed. Investors who start young commonly have the time frame and flexibility to take on risk and recover from their unprofitable errors.

Investment pioneers like Warren Buffett and RakeshJhunjhunwala started investing in shares quite early in their careers. This made a huge difference to their overall capital. Let’s take a look at some of the way youngsters can invest in the share market and gain from it.

Invest in Mutual Funds:

Youngsters today earn sufficient income from working, but most of the cash is spent on entertainment and materialistic things. With mutual funds, a youngster today can invest as low as र 500 per month and expect good return on investment (ROI). According to a report, equity mutual funds have given over 15% – 20% annual returns in 10 years. Thus, a sum of र 500 monthly SIP (systematic investment plan) can almost double your investments in just 48 months if the funds increase by 20% each year. A mutual fund SIP enables you to preserve and invest frequently in a collection of stocks selected by the fund manager. Think of the mutual fund as an event planner who fixes events for a certain fee. They work for you and you can reap the benefits later.

Double The Investments like a Trader

Trading in stocks empowers you to make good money, but only if you have the risk-taking ability. Since youngsters spend hours on their mobile phones, they can invest 15-30 mins a day to easily trade in stocks and potentially earn through their devices. With mobile trading applications powered by rapid technology, an average sharemarket trade takes less than a minute. Now, young investors are utilising good brokers to get the double advantage of research and technology at their disposal. Network, app, and mobile-based trading on the go have made the task much simpler. The earlier you start investing, the higher is your capability to turnaround errors. The risk appetite and tolerance in the early 20s is far greater than someone getting into investment in their mid-30s. Once investors are comfortable with trading, they can experiment in different assets like commodities and currencies with the aim to diversify their portfolio.

The Drink Stocks SIP Strategy

If you buy a stock/share at a low level of र 100 and sell it at a higher price of र 125, you can make a profit of र 25 per share. So, if you bought 100 shares, your profit will be र 2500 in a single trade. While a Mutual Fund chooses which stocks to buy for investment in SIP, many youngsters today also want to invest individually. In brief, they aspire to be their own fund manager. This is possible with stock SIP strategy. Just like a Mutual Fund SIP does for a mutual fund, a stock SIP enables you to purchase a pre-specified number of stocks at fixed intervals. If you do this over a period of time, you can easily buy extra shares at a cheaper cost. When the share price bounces, you can anticipate much bigger profits. All you are required to do is choose the stocks you want to concentrate on and continually invest small amounts in those funds every month.

Understand How a Demat Account Works

It is an excellent idea for youngsters to know the correct method for demat account opening. Investing at an early age would help them maintain their funds better in the future. The practice of utilising the Demat account decreases the time involved as there is a direct transfer of the bonds acquired to your account in an automated way. This takes away the pressure of undertaking various steps that must be established in the process of ownership of the investments. It also presents an uncomplicated pattern by which investments or bonds can be managed even by small investors in an efficient manner.

There are several other types of investments you can try as a young adult, and each one has its own specifications. You can try out interactive trading games to get a good understanding of stocks and discuss with professionals before investing any amount of money. Additionally, check with your parents if they have previously started an investment plan for you. This way, you can contribute to that fund and watch your money grow over time.