How to compose Power puff Headlines for Social Media to Drive Hefty Traffic

Social Media, its importance and the associated consequences are well known to all. It is natural in this high-tech social-driven era as to indulge in activities at the popular social platforms with intentions to drive hefty traffic to business websites and branding pages. If you are doing all this as your best, but no results prevail, then you are in stiff need of rejuvenating your skills of posting, managing time and others mentioned hereunder in this write-up.

The Question of “Three”

Before posting to your social profile and composing it, you need to be introspective to the following questions:

Question #1      What are these posts intended to do?
Question #2      Who will be seeing these posts?
Question #3      Will they be benefited with your post to any extent?

It is rightly said, First impression, the last! Writing headlines that are more than compelling is the only way to lure any viewer as no one has much time to overview your entire post. Surveys suggest, the much time spent on a post by a viewer is merely 1 to 2 seconds. Thus, proper utilization of this time to clinch attention and perform your intended task must be focused and headlines must be chosen so.

Being a good content maker, if you have 3 Hrs of time to write and compose it, think of possible headlines, research and analyze yourself for at least 30 minutes. Then after, if jot down the content in sync with the appropriate one, it can be more beneficial to you. Likewise, if you want target audience of a particular social media in a post, make it specific to that only. You can lose the trust of fans if content centric to Pinterest is posted at Instagram. This is because both are different in tastes and flavors of audiences.

Here are some quirks that can make your headlines sparkle and drive the traffic to your website:


140 character limit of Twitter seems less to many. But, for those keen to utilize Twitter’s wide outreach, this is enough if you know the technique to build headlines effectively. Addition of Re-tweet-able words and asking for RT can produce results as high as 300%.


 Boo! Images, a tool that can express the gist of your post within a single image sometimes wins over the headlines. Alas! Some stress relieved.

Make this advantage useful at the most. Use of images with self explanatory information is enough to say to the readers what they will lose if ignored. Rich images can be used to develop curiosity in the readers.
Above said tip, If not fruitful, first use hit and trial to know the attitude of your fans and followers. Then you can appropriately apply effort in the images and headlines in a right direction.


If you want to utilize well integrated and inquisitive organizing hymn of Pinterest so as to create “just looking…” Pinners in to “I found what I like” type Pinners, you need to be specific in your headlines.

Use of boards for placing your posts is also important. People like to pin on their boards what they want to segregate for the possible future use. If your headlines are catchy, anyone will relentlessly pin it to their boards. Mission accomplished!

While LinkedIn demands your headlines look formal and Instagram urges them to be funky, you should analyze the trends and use the best practices that suits in the present context.


Various social platforms have socially active users with different tastes, behavior and liking. Thus, once perceived as a good headline by a set of users, it becomes a success soon. You need to emphasize in the title to be appropriate, brief, appealing, cumulative and most importantly amazing.

If you think of other ways to make headlines a hit, please feel free to share it with us.