How To Attract The Right Audience On Facebook

By now you’ve already probably read a lot of article about Facebook marketing and I think most of us already understand the importance of getting more quality likes on our Facebook Pages.

The more quality likes your Facebook Page has:

The more popular you look (and who doesn’t want that?)
The more people will like you due to Social Proof
The less you have to spend on Facebook ads because you’re already reaching a lot of people organically.
The more site traffic you’ll get
The more you get to raise brand awareness
Though if you’re having a difficult time increasing the likes on your Facebook Business Page lately, it’s okay. That’s really normal. The important thing is that you don’t give up. You just haven’t tried other ideas or strategies yet.

Aside from posting relevant and relatable content, have you tried the simple strategy of asking your colleagues for some feedback or comments on how you do your Facebook posts? Besides, who can better help you than your team, right?

So take a little time off from your other tasks and spend time to brainstorm with your team or with every employee. You might have missed out on something and they probably have tips or ideas you’ve never thought of. Plus, nobody really likes a know-it-all. It’s like what Sandeep Jauhar said, “The only mistake you can make is not asking for help”

This will actually also strengthen your team because you’re communicating with each other and exercising teamwork.

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So if you have no more ideas on how to get more quality Facebook Page likes from the right audience and you’re really not interested in buying likes (which is a great decision by the way), ask your colleagues for some help simply just by asking them these questions Mike Gingerich, Social Media Marketing expert, visualized in this infographic created with Visme

Infographic is attached.

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