How to Attract Guest Posters to Your Blog

Trying to land guest posters can be a frustrating experience.Pitching through social media and niche forums rarely works if you want to attract blogging big dawgs. Ditch the pitch.Rethink your approach.Become the hunted. Not the hunter.If you follow these 6 tips you can attract successful guest posters to your blog.

1: Respond to Emails Promptly

This is by far the biggest mistake bloggers make that repels guest posters.I wrote this post after 2 recent submissions of mine went without a response 5 days after my initial email.If blogging icon Zac Johnson can respond to my emails with hours or at the most, within 1 day, you can respond to guest post submissions within 1 day to be prompt and professional.If you want to be on the ball respond within 1 to 3 hours. Not when you are sleeping of course. You blogging zombie you.Being prompt and helpful catches the attention of professional bloggers whose guest posts can expand your blog and brand awareness.

2: Set Up Clear Ground Rules

Establish simple ground rules for your blog.Be clear on the post word count, the topic accepted, the number of links allowed and demand only high quality posts.eate a thorough page listing all guest posting ground rules to avoid any confusion. I rarely submit guest posts to blogs with few rules because I have little idea what would be accepted or rejected on the blog.Remember to ask for a headshot and author bio before the guest post is submitted. I often receive such requests after I email my guest post which slows down the submission and publishing process.

3: Be Nice

Being nice is one of the most overlooked ways to get bloggers to guest post on your blog.Be cordial, polite and pleasant through your interactions. Remember that you’re dealing with people, not words on a screen.Pleasant bloggers place more guest posts than unfriendly bloggers because you love partnering with nice people. Nice guys and gals finish first, not last.I quickly warm to friendly bloggers and release on unfriendly bloggers. You may be successful but unless you are genuinely enjoying the ride it’ll be difficult to attract a high caliber of blogger to guest post on your blog.

4: Design a Professional Layout

Design a professional layout to draw in professional bloggers who want to guest post on your blog.If you struggle mightily to attract and place guest posts you may have a presentation problem.Few bloggers gravitate toward blogs with free themes or unprofessional designs.Pay for a premium theme. Hire a skilled web developer to design a professionally-branded blog.Cut through your struggles. Land more guest posts.

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5: Blog about One Topic

Blog about one topic to send a clear message to potential guest posters.I instantly cross potential guest posting blogs off of my list when I see 2 or more topics being covered because it is virtually impossible to build a stunningly successful blog if you divide your energies.Most highly successful bloggers specialize. So should you.Cover one blogging topic.  Attract successful bloggers who want to cover that specific topic.

6: Drop the Fees

If you want to attract guest posters to your blog drop any guest posting fees.Adding a fee minimizes the pool of potential guest posters. Unless you generate 100,000 visitors or more monthly to your blog few bloggers will pay for the right to guest post on your site.You need to build your blog up before charging for guest posting rights.

I came across a collection of unknown blogging tips themed blogs charging healthy rates for the right to place a guest post. If Darren Rowse is not doing this you may want to rethink that strategy. At least until you become a known commodity.Take down barriers to guest posting. Ditch the fee.Your Turn Do you follow these tips?What tips can you add to this list?

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Wow..really the best ways to attract guest posts to your own blog. Each tips is necessary to follow, if you want to call them to write article in your blog. Responding emails instantly, helps to engage with the guest posters. A guest poster loves a blogger, who respond very fast.

    Also drooping the fees works wonder. Very useful and informative post to me. I really don’t had idea about to attract the guest posters to own blogs. Implementing these techniques may help to engage with popular guest posters. Also setting up the clear rules which is easy to understand and can be follow by any one, makes a guest posters feel good. Sometimes hurt when someone reject your guest blog post and the fear of rejection is very bad.

    Thanks for the great tips.
    – Ravi.

  2. This post is valuable to attract guest bloggers to your blog but I have to comment on reducing the price factor.
    If you have set some amount for guest post and you are reducing this, it will diminish your brand. This is my observation.
    What do you say?

  3. It is a useful tip, I just set the guest post page on my website but it still no one write for me now. But your tip make more sense about how to get the guest post done. Anyway, thank for sharing

  4. I would agree the advantages of guest posting greatly outweigh the disadvantages. I like how you allow guest posts to contains the adsense code of the original author. Great post!