How I Made $$$ in a Month – The Secrets are within Your Reach Now


One sure-fire way to make money is by blogging.

Why I’m saying this is because you can set up your blog 100% free by using sites like

You only need a Gmail account to get started.

After picking a suitable niche which you’re comfortable writing about, the going gets easy from there.

Remember you need to be passionate about what you are writing.

I started out like this and soon tumbled on the money path, which has led me made more than$$$ a month initially and now more. Here is the secret that I want to share with you on how to make money blogging, which is how I charted my money pathway.

How do bloggers make money

Well I can hear you people asking, ‘Can you make money blogging?’

While not all blogs are successful, there are

a huge chunk of blogs that do make money.

I’m making money through this blog certainly not by ads, or selling e-Books.

There are great bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Clark, and Hiten Shah who rake in millions from their blog. While I’m yet to reach that peak, I’m on my way up thereJ.

But you need to start somewhere to get to the top, don’t you?

How do Bloggers make Money


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Teaching is Good

The best way bloggers make money fast is by crunching numbers, talking to experts, reading books, and gaining knowledge.

One great way to make money is teaching. If key note speakers and professors can do it, a blogger can definitely capitalize on it and make money.

By being an expert on your niche, you can teach, mentor, and even become a businessman by using the blog as a magnet to attract clients.

Many bloggers make money by publishing books, sponsoring courses or software on the side.

Sales Funnels are Effective

This is another of the best ways to make money where a company grabs your attention by dangling a freebie which is irresistible in spite of being cheap and soon the company persuades you into buying some expensive stuff which they really want to promote in the first place.

You can use this in blogging too.

Except do it in reverse.

By selling a cheap e-Book, you will not find any money.

You need to have some expensive products you can offer after the e-Book sells.

The best way to do is selling the expensive products first and then move on to the cheap products.

This is definitely more profitable.

So, how I made more than $$$ a month

You need to start with a goal in mind and build on it slowly and steadily.

Chart out a plan on how you want to make money from your blog.

The first thing you need is a product which you can sell. Just writing won’t get you anywhere.

You need to keep creating products along the line to make more money, so be prepared for investing.

Your email list is your best selling tool, so start building it.

Set up a PayPal account or Merchant Account for collecting the money your customers are going to pay.

Know what people like to hear and what they want advice on.

Check whether what you have in mind is what they’d really love to buy to solve their problem.

This will help you choose the right products to sell as it did for me.

How to get sponsored reviews

I started with

They take 50% commission with each review you get. If you set up your blog price to $60, then you will receive $30 only.

This is good enough, not so bad at all as something is better than nothing. I earned $30 last month from this service.

To earn money, your blog should be functioning for a minimum of three months.

It should have original content and regular blog posts and paid posts in it. You should register it with the site and get your free account.

Beautifying Your Blog

You need to make your blog enticing enough to get the money pouring in.

Make it look attractive and free of clutter.

Make it easy to navigate.

And don’t forget to include appealing images.

Content is the King. Look at the content and try with variety of ways to make the posts stand out.

Email Marketing

I started googling on some hosting and software companies.

I then sent them a proposal mail for sponsored reviews or banner advertising, and got some positive response from buyers and earned $250 from this idea.

You can see my some of the payment proof below by paypal statement:

Paypal statement

Idea to Write a Proposal Mail

Write short description about your site with PR, DA, and alexa rank.

Propose them about what you will write on review.

Describe their product/offers, etc.

Tell them that you will bring in a lot of social exposures for this review and also promote it by newsletter.

Then talk about the price you want to charge.

Market place

There are various market places where you can sell your sponsored review services like seoclerks, fiverr, etc.

I like the seoclerks and joined there.

I earned $ 60 from that place.


If your blog has some visibility, buyers are also searching for the publishers.

I got mail from some buyers regarding sponsored review.

And I earned around $100 from there. That was directly deposited to my bank account.

I made this $$$ in a month. But, you can make it in a week or in just 2-3 days too.

I am a mom blogger and hardly get time to write and promote my blog.

That’s why I earned this money in a month but, you can make it quicker.

So, hurry up and start promoting your blog.

I haven’t started promotion of any affiliate products. If you are familiar with the affiliate marketing, then you can earn bigger amount of money.

I will be posting soon on “How to promote affiliate products easily“.

You are welcome to share your ways to earn money by commenting below.


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