How ATM Works – Infographic

We use ATM very often. But do you really think how it works and how the money get to you. This infographic shows the chain actions whic start when you insert your credit card into the ATM and finish when you get it out. You will learn all the parts of the ATM and will never question yourself why “this is over there” or why should I do it like this. More over our infographic will help you understand what is demanded to get the cash from your account. This is a complicated process where machines play important roles. In this way you will understand why sometimes you can’t withdraw money from your bank account via ATM and will not blame the staff but ask them to correct the problem happening. And to sum up we believe that your fear to withdraw the money from ATM will disappear as far as many safety procedures are taken to provide you with reliable banking.

How ATM Works


This Infographic is contributed by forex trader business.