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Hotjar – Powerful and Effective Way to Reveal User Behavior

What does it take to step up to the next level and be an owner of a successful site?

Why is it that the blog sites or marketing sites displaying the same products get different number of visitors every time?

The answer to these questions lies somewhere in the definition of extra edge. In a battle when you know your enemies, you save the day and in marketing when you know your customer, you make the day.

The biggest advantage or ‘edge’ one could ever have in marketing is to know about their customers, to be familiarized with what they are looking for, and what they need.

This extra edge to your site is now provided by Hotjar Insights which helps you understand the users’ behavior on your site and lets you know about their experience.

Hotjar Insights

Why Hotjar

Hotjar combines the power of the most effective web analytic tools like Google Analytics, Mouse Sense, and Piwik into one and provides a platform that helps you boost the number of hits by knowing each and every aspect of your site and the behavior of the users in detail.

Hotjar Insights has already knocked out all the competition by providing an all in one package at affordable price.

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What does it provide

Optimizing your site’s usability and conversion rate is crucial when you are serious about online marketing and making money through it. It does not matter if you are a designer, web developer or an analyst. All you care about is your audience and their needs. There is no better way to know it all than Hotjar. It provides the best in-depth analysis of your website with the help of its powerful and amazing features as follows.

  • Heatmaps

You get to know about the users’ motivation and desires by visually representing their clicks, scrolls, and taps. This lets you know what your users really want, what they really do and care about on your website. This way you can get to know what is really useful or absolutely useless in your website. This helps you point out the distractions in your websites and clearly indicates what deserves the trash can.

  • Feedback and Exit Polls

It lets you know what your users were really looking for and what is preventing them from achieving it. Tools like Survey monkey charge extra money for such exit polls and still provide a limited number of questions that are fixed. With Hotjar, you can simply target as many users as you want to with unlimited questions to know what they really desire.



  • Online surveys

Hotjar allows you to make your own online surveys using an easy editor. You can distribute these surveys using mail or messages for the users just before they abandon your site to know about their interests and objections. This helps you know your customers or users better and improves communication too.



  • Form funnel analysis

The form funnel analysis tool helps you find the biggest opportunities and potentials for improvement and testing. This is done by identifying on which page and which step the users abandoned your site. It improves the online form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill, which were left blank, and why your visitors desert your form or page.


  • Proactive Chat feature

When it comes about interaction and better conversation between you and your audiences, it is possible by allowing them to chat with you in case they are stuck on their way. Now, you would be able to invite your web and mobile users to chat and directly discover their questions, concerns, and objections.


  • User recruitment

Hotjar Insights also helps you recruit the new users for testing so that you can get an advance profiling of your website, before it goes live. You can encourage the users to use and provide feedback for your site in exchange of gifts or attractive offers.

There is no stopping as the hot features continue to fill the gap between you and your visitors.

The list of amazing features offered by Hotjar just keeps on going long:

  • It allows you to keep a track of the questions being asked in the chat and then helps you to set them as the FAQs for your web page.
  • It provides with the proof of what strategy is really working or what has failed miserably by showing the user’s behavior towards it.
  • Hotjar also allows you to restructure your web page or website on the basis of the views provided by the visitors or their objections.
  • Hotjar also allows you to observe how the visitors react to the length of page and concentration of data in them. This helps you know the amount of data to be put on the web page to keep it user-friendly.
  • Regular reviews for the deep analysis of different sections of your web page helps you to remove the unwanted parts of your web page or replace them with meaningful and useful content.

And even that does not bring an end to it. With so many exciting and useful features, Hotjar stands as the unbeatable web analytics tool you would ever need to improve your website.

What would it cost you

You might be wondering that this all in one package tool would cost you a fortune.

Even an SEO hired for this job to provide such an in-depth analysis would put you out of your monthly budget.

But Hotjar offers all of these amazing features and insights at just 29$ a month, almost a tenth of what it would actually cost you for hiring these many services separately.

Price Comparison


It provides you with unlimited access and does not levy extra charges for using more number of websites or pages. This is all a webmaster needs to know and then control his audience.

What could be better

Hotjar is providing free early access and the premium beta version can be accessed only by invitations. Request your early access now and use the unlimited amazing features of Hotjar to truly understand your visitors and woo them at the same time.

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    You always bring an information which is worthy to know. I am little bit weak in using tools so knowing about such tools is very important for me.

    I am glad to know that know bloggers can know about their readers choice and their way of approaching their blog.

    Like Google analytics Hotjar is going to boost the valuable approach of your readers and you will come to know more about them.

    Thanks for letting us know about this tool.

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  2. Hi Nisha,

    Owner of a successful website?! I dream of it daily …hmm…

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    This is Great Post Powerful and Effective Way to Reveal User Behavior Good Work my Dear Sis , Thanks a lot For Sharing me Keep it up i like it ,

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  4. CrazyEgg also provides user behaviour. Developed by Neil Patel.

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    If you are weak in using tools, I need not tell about me! So knowing about such tools is really important.


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    Thanks for the elaborate explaination of all the analytics and features of hotjar.


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