Hide My IP Features

Hide My IP is highly Recommended for Hiding IP and its Powerful Encryption Features

Most of us don’t know that it is easy for others to find out our computer’s IP address.

It is a set of numbers that can give out a lot of information about our computer, our location, the type of operating system we are using and a lot more.

It is normal when a website detects our IP address to learn from where we are and what OS we are using.

It will use this information to provide a customized experience – by changing its currency display to our local currency and customize the site to our operating system’s limitations.

But it is not normal when hackers learn about our IP address.

That is why I use Hide My IP to prevent anyone from learning what my IP address is.

Why dish out my location and computer information to those who are waiting to attack me and steal my passwords?

Hide My IP Features

A few months ago I was banned off craigslist just because someone reported me. It was a temporary ban, but it meant that I wouldn’t be able to post new ads to find new workers.

It was then that I came across Hide My IP and I immediately liked it. Its benefits were beyond the craigslist episode for me.

I found it to be so much rich in features, now I think why I didn’t find this program earlier.

Anonymous Web Surfing

We have a number of PCs in our office and my employees are always searching for information (that is what our business deals in).

But we don’t want our own location, and other information to be made available to the hackers.

We have lots of sensitive information about our clients and we use the industry-leading technologies to protect them.

But again, we could never be sure when we are online, doing all kinds of searches and sending and receiving emails.

We could change our IP and Mac addresses on a random basis, which helps us ensure that no hacker will ever be able to determine our system’s location or get access to it.

Hide my IP allows us to change our location manually or it can do it automatically. So we have a lot of control over how we want to present ourselves in the Internet.

Encrypted Online Usage

This is important for us and Hide My IP provides us an encrypted online experience. We send and receive hundreds of emails everyday and they contain confidential information.

This program helps us protect all these emails and other data transfers by encrypting them.

Even if hackers are able to get access to these mails, they are never going to be able to decode them. While the NSA is busy peeking into people’s personal and official emails, we don’t have to worry about it too!

All the data transfer is protected through 256-bit secure encryption. I think currently most other encryption systems are limited 128-bit.

More Control

HideMyIP allows us to control the programs for which we want to hide our IP. For example, we could hide our IP addresses for specific web browsers.

We find Chrome to be relatively a more secure browser, but we are usually concerned about Internet Explorer and a few other browsers.

It allows a lot of other customizations that my employees like to use.

Affordable Costs

Hide My IP Prices

We spend less than a hundred dollars per year and we cannot ask for anything more. The data that this software helps us protect is worth millions to us, and we would do anything to ensure total protection.

I would like to mention that we have also put other systems in place to ensure higher level of security for our data.

Using this software is extremely easy. We thought it would take a lot of technical knowledge to get started with it. But the interface is simple for anyone to use.

My team doesn’t have any programmers, but simple web searchers, and this program is ideally suited for them.

This software is affordable and offers features much more than just hiding our IP. We cannot ask for anything more in such a price.

We have been using it for the last 6 or 7 months and we haven’t had any security threats or issues.

I will be recommending Hide My IP to all my business partners and other associates! Go ahead and download it now from here.

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  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Leena,
    As the name suggests, this HideMyIP program will help you hide your IP address. This will prevent hackers from gaining a lot of information about your computer system. Kindly visit its website and you will find that it can do a lot more to keep you safe when you are browsing online!

    Have a great day!