Help you Edit Image Based PDFs with Wondershare PDFelement

The reality is that there is always a time when one has to rely on the OCR technology to get things done. For example, you receive an imaged based PDF document sent as a scanned document and probably you need to make some edit on this document to correct some mistakes or make it better. Then there is no better way to do this than to use the OCR function in the PDFelement, open this link and learn more tips: This is just simply where you need this function to solve situations like this.


Sometimes you need to convert scanned PDF to OCR file due to the fact that they not really a native PDF format because the created from paper document before they are scanned and converted to PDF. The problem with them is that it is not really searchable and editable. Therefore using PDF to OCR will do a lot for you such as making the document editable and this means that you can edit scanned PDF documents like batch OCR PDF to word, OCR PDF to Excel, OCR PDF to text etc. The OCR PDF software works in such a way that it identifies printed text on the scanned PDF documents and then converts them to a document that is editable and searchable.

PDFelement is a top class PDF editor and there is no doubt about this. It is loaded with top and amazing features that will help anyone working with PDF documents. There are numerous to mention but let us look at some of these key features.


First, the PDFelement boasts of world class industry leading OCR technology. As stated earlier in the article, the OCR technology is just what you need to convert any scanned PDF document into searchable and editable one while retaining the document appearance. The OCR of PDFelement has an advantage because of its added benefits which include its availability in multiple languages supporting over 20 languages of the world, its ability to churn out high quality outputs that are standard. Another benefit is that it automatically recognizes text, numbers and images on the scanned PDF files making it more efficient during conversion.


Besides, PDFelement has the “Convert and create” feature which is just what you need to convert documents to and from PDF files. Popular file formats like Excel and Word can be converted in batches at an incredible speeds. The advantage is that the converted document is kept in their original layout.

Besides, other amazing features include password protection, redaction, form creation, digital signature, annotation and a whole lot more.

The truth is that OCR PDF is one addition to the PDFelement that makes it more sophisticated and this gives you another level of advantage in handling PDF documents. It is easy to use, fast and produces great outputs. You no longer have to worry if you receive a scanned PDF document at the office, OCR PDF is there for you.

  1. Hey Nisha,

    Wondershare PDFelement an impressive, all-in-one PDF editor. Nevertheless, if we are allowed to elaborate, we can say that Wondershare PDFelement is a utility software that allows us to read, edit, create and to manage different PDF documents we have in the device. Main thing is that this tool is available for Windows, Mac and iOS, as to give us the same PDF editing experience in all our devices. It is also available in different languages, desktop version of Wondershare PDFelement is surely up for a competition with Adobe Acrobat.

    If we have a scanned PDF document, we will be able to convert the document into standard text. So, this is a useful & effective feature when it comes to scanned PDF-based needs. The process to OCR a PDF document is quite easy. Considering all these options such as features, UI and pricing, Wondershare PDFelement is a superb tool for both the personal and professional needs. Eventually, thanks for sharing much interesting thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar