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Guide: How to spend your money on Google Adwords

Guide: How to spend your money on Google Adwords

Initializing a new online business has many cogs. The top is of making products to sell, service development, taking photos setting up staff & making up strategies to drive customers.


Marketing? Oh what to do for this?

Marketing is really a hard work to do. But gratefully, we have the best formula of starting with a small & taking advantage of your knowledge which you already have!

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Thanks to the Search Engine Giant for providing us online tool called “Google Adwords” which you can be used to earn your initial interest, know your target audience and start developing your market.

So, let’s get started:

Set up Google Analytics First

Before you start investing your money in Google Adwords, it is required to have a Google Analytics account.


Link your website with the Google Analytics Account by adding Google Analytics Tracking Code in the header section of your website.

google analytics

Next, Connect your Google Analytics with Google Adwords

Connect your Google Analytics Account to the Google Adwords Account.

It can be done by logging into Google Analytics then clicking on Admin tab. Then under the property header, navigate to Adwords Linking.

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Google Analytics with Google Adwords

Once Adwords account and Analytics account are connected, you can plan how to spend money and research for keywords.

Connect your Google Analytics with Google Adwords

Then, Setting up Campaigns:

Creating of Ads via Adwords undergoes three steps:

  • Planning: Ask yourself questions about your products goal
  • Research: Do keyword research by using several tools available online. For example Google keyword Planner
  • Execution: Set up your budget, Create Ads

Approaching by following these steps can help you stay focused and the things will be broken down to easy steps.

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What should you approaching?

If you sell only one specialized product, then your approach is quite clear.

But, if you are running multi brand online store with various products, some decision you have to take then.

Ask some Q’s from you:

  • Which of your store’s product has a greatest Return on Investment?
  • Which are your trending products?
  • What are your biggest sellers?

These questions are short, easy to answer and will help you to prioritize your products for ad campaign.

Suppose, your store carries shoes, jeans, tees and other clothing items. If you know that you have best margins on shoes, then to be obvious, focus on it.

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Lets checkout latest trends:

Open Google Trends and see what is trending these days in shoes.

Google Trends

As, we can see that loafers are the best selling shoes in the past one year followed by leather shoes and moccasin.

Now, let’s look forward to Google Keyword Planner tool:

Search for Keywords in Google Keyword Planner tool.

Google Keyword Planner tool

Working with lower budget, it is suggested to select lower budget suggested bids at initial stage.

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Once you are determined what to choose, then it’s time to set up Ad Groups.

Ad Groups - Google Keyword Planner tool

There are infinite ways to determine the category of your product. Here, the color and design is considered as category.

Google Adwords - Ad Groups Plan Range

For each ad group, it is commended to take at least 5 words or phrases.

Google adwords keyword  planner

Making keyword groups can together can tell you how much you will spend and how much traffic you can earn initially.

Identifying the Target Audience

Determining target audience can help you in limiting the people who can see your ads & helping you writing your ads.

Suppose we are having online store which provides services in United States. So, we need to select our target audience to United States.

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Target Audience - Google adwords

Last but not least:

Do write better ads for your products. Take time and think what you want to pitch to your target audience. You only have 3 lines to write and your display URL.

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