Guest Blogging: Dead or Not?

Guest Blogging, regarded as the famous SEO technique of its time as it gained tremendous popularity amongst SEO analysts and content makers, is in some sense losing its outreach in present days. It can possibly be attributed to the increasing trend of paid or spam containing posts with the inclusion of go-follow the links along with low quality content.
Guest Blogging: Dead or Not?

Changing SERP trends of 2014:

Google’s penchant is completely towards those websites and blogs that are involved in sharing of information. Initially, guest posting emerged with keeping a thought of possibilities of sharing valuable posts in public as well as targeting audiences to the author’s website or blog in reversal. As the time passed, there came into existence an excessive use of this marvelous tool by guest posts specifically that were particularly paid and submitted for gaining PR backlinks and spreading spam.

Is guest blogging favorable today or not?

Though, guest blogging is not included as a practice of spam by Google, but continuing to such practice might obstruct your website’s status in the SERPs in the next few updates. Besides considering guest blogging as a spamdalism, many people mend that Google will not target the blogs where posts are updated by multiple users. According to the surveys, many webmasters are in confusion regarding guest blogging that comprise of links with no-follow tag, for them, as long as guest blogging is produced in conjunction with no-follow tag, it will not affect  the page rank therefore proving to be useless for back linking purposes.

What will be the effect on posts containing high quality content?

This doesn’t mean that high quality content will also be neglected. Such content will surely be included in SERPs if they still contain no-followed links, but attract web traffic by giving exposure to a willing audience.

What Google says?

Google still appreciates the authenticated quality content and prioritize such blogs in its SERP, but shall constrain guest blogging completely in the near future. Any instance of guest blogging that includes paying for the ranking of pages is highly penalized as this violates Google’s quality guidelines.

Guest posts with High quality Vs Spam containing guest posts:

In my opinion, people should steer away from the postings containing degraded content quality. They should know clear difference between these two. While one (low quality post) decreases as well as maligns your blog’s repute, on the other hand another one (high quality post) can add large but genuine traffic there. This is also required for you as a blog owner to cross check identity of the guest poster thus restraining yourself to best authors from your circle to post at your blog.


As the declining popularity of guest blogging surely suggest that it is of no use in link building because of penalties by Google SERP updates, but can be utilized for spreading valuable information, thus, revitalizing the concept of producing rich, high quality, error free and authenticated content everywhere. If managed properly, it has numerous reasons to go for like exposure, increased reach, branding of particulars, community build-up etc.

  1. Without a doubt guest blogging is still one of the best strategies for achieving high rankings, engagement and link building. This strategy will never die, just need to be done properly.

  2. Very true Kaloyan.