Google SEO Ranking Factors 2017: Infographic

“Almost every year, you can expect fresh changes in Google’s ranking factors, and of course, this requires careful attention from any webmaster serious in making it to the top. At the same time, new promotional strategies are being developed and introduced, which are also necessary in order to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to the said changes. That being said, equal priority on both is nothing short of crucial as they’ll inevitably determine the success of your SEO campaign.
In ranking factors, 2017 sees the advent of more advanced features in Google’s algorithm, with Al being the most worthy of limelight. With RankBrain, the search engine is practically becoming smarter, which means there is no room for low-quality content anymore. The same can be said for the rising impact of local SEO, as there’s plenty of reasons why marketers shouldn’t. These are but some of the ranking factors that have made the highlight reel in 2017 so far, but you can expect to learn more from the information we have shared.

As for promotional strategies, there are now a plethora of mediums from which you can help your content reach the right audience, social media, voice search, and platforms like webinars and inforgraphics being some of the most effective. Emphasis on the backlinks that your site receives is needed as well, as they are and always will be a major factor in SEO.

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If you want a well-rounded view of what SEO ranking factors and promotional techniques look like in 2017, then please find time to go through the infographic designed by Dot Com Infoway. It should sufficiently cover any questions you may have regarding anything that involves taking your site to the top of SERPs. They are listed in a highly convenient format so you can expect to get tons of the information you need within a span of minutes. All the facts are complemented by statistics in order to serve as extra info for you”


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