Google Puts GMeet to Internal Testing

Google has been planning GMeet, a teleconference service, for many years now. It is expected that the service is now in its final stages of development. It will be connected to Gmail, Hangouts and Google’s other services.

Google has named it Google Meeting or GMeet, and it will have features targeted for use by business users. Businesses will be able to connect with each other using the same Google account and interface.

IBM Verse is an alternative solution but it requires moving to an entirely different interface.

GMeet is already in use within Google, suspected to be under testing phase. This was revealed by Gmeet’s founder Florian Kiersch. It is a good sign that Google could be on the verge of releasing it to the masses.

Currently, Google employees can invite outsiders to test the program, but no user from the general public has yet unveiled any information about this teleconference program.



But the absence of any beta indicates that it may take some time before the search giant releases the new service.

This teleconferencing feature will give a big boost to Google’s product portfolio, especially for business users. There is hardly any other service across the horizon that is currently offering any such telecommunication services.

Facebook has been rumored to be working on a similar system. Its service will be adding business feature like conferences, team group chats and projects ends along with personal ones like status and photo uploads.

The major competitors exist in the form of Microsoft, IBM, HP and Cisco. They have major stakes in this sector and offer enterprise-level full packages.

Google has a few products for business, but they haven’t been promoted at the commercial level as much as these competitors. It will be worthwhile looking at the new service whether it is going to be paid or free.

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