Powerful Tips and Tricks for Android Users

Google has a Long List of Powerful Tips and Tricks for Android Users

An Android device gives you a Google account, and

In fact, the search giant has provided dozens of tips and tricks you didn’t know you could do with that account.

Some of the favorite tips and tricks from this list include the following:

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Powerful Tips and Tricks for Android Users

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Saving individual places on Google Maps

Enter the location of the address that you need saved. Swipe at the bottom of your smartphone and click the “Star” icon.

It’s like saving bookmarks on Chrome.

It is possible to mark your workplace and home by choosing the Menu icon on the upper left side and choosing the Your Places option.

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Send Money Using Gmail Account

Most Gmail users are still unaware of this method of payment transfer. It works similar to PayPal.

Click the “Compose” button and you will find a dollar icon at the bottom of the window.

Click on it and enter the dollar amount that you want to send to a friend.

Send the email and the recipient will receive the amount.

Group Calendars for Busy Professionals

The Calendar app allows you to keep all the team members on the same schedule. When creating the calendar, share it with particular team members.

This can be done in the start and then you can go ahead to “Create Calendar.”

Public Transportation Alerts from Google Now

Google Now allows you to create public transportation alerts.

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Open the Google app
  • Turn on Google Now from Settings
  • If your device has GPS enabled, it will provide you updates on public transportation every time you are at a train station or bus stop

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Take down Notes using Google Keep

Google Keep is another powerful tool for professionals. It will help you ensure that you will never forget an appointment.

Use voice commands to create lists and then write the notes to be reminded on any date. It can also sort photos of documents, receipts and other official papers, which can be searched on a later date.

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