Google Glass v3.0

Google Glass will be Back with v3.0

Google hasn’t drawn the curtains on its “so-legendary” Google Glass experiment yet.

It was a few months ago that we heard the latest about the Google Explorer.

The v3.0 is in the making and if there are any Google Glass aficionados out there, it is nothing less than good news for them.

This was unveiled by none other than Eric Schmidt.

He clarified to the Wall Street Journal that the Explorer program has just entered an adjustment phase, and the temporary lull about the project shouldn’t be taken as a sign that it is another “Google Wave” or dozens of other programs discontinued by the company.

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Google Glass v3.0

Google Glass never caught up with the masses. The innovative beta was either lost in controversies, a hyped price factor or in certain levels of complexities.

The company has lately been open with its stand that it was an innovative and uncharted field technology that the Glass program explored. And that there is nothing wrong with it that Google couldn’t get it right the first time.

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Schmidt made it clear that the program is here and will be a long-term project for the search giant. The Project Glass was started in 2012 and gradually entered into controversies including technical restrictions, aesthetics, privacy issues and much more.

Besides, there has been news coming in regularly from Goole X lab insiders that the next version of the “Glass” is not yet ready to be launched. Schmidt states that Google should have announced from the very beginning of the program unveiling that it was just a prototype.

While Google did succeed in launching an unmatched prototype, a lot of negative publicity around the product caused most of the chaos. The Glass lacked in features in many ways, its success could have been a threat to a number of tech giants. Keep checking this section to learn about the v3.0.

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