Google crushes Penguin 2.0 Update: 2.3% of queries got affected

All kinds of small and medium sized companies and organizations have one thing common in them, which is a desire to get heights of the success. In order to get to these heights, organizations have to do a lot of things. They are required to bring so many changes in their management styles to increase the employee productivity and their satisfaction level. In the same way, they are required to bring a lot of changes in their strategies related to the external environment that mostly consists of the customers and clients. These external stakeholders get access to the organization with the help of online information available regarding them. So, a company has to be alive and proactive all the time on the internet.

penguin 2.0 update

Launch of Penguin 2.0 and its jobs:

Search engine optimization is important, rather an integral part of the online marketing strategies that allow the companies to increase their ranks for the results legally. However, many companies use the black hat marketing techniques to increase their ranks. For such companies, Google has launched an updated version of the Penguin 2.0 that crashed all such techniques used by a company and hides it from the results. This is how the Google’s Penguin 2.0 update is crushing the sites for using illegal means for the search engine optimization. The launching of the Penguin 2.0 has created a lot of mess in the search engine optimization process, as it affects almost 2.3 percent of the queries mostly English and US languages based. It crunches the backlinks of the websites that are not related to the genuine or quality content. As always, the goal of Google Corporation is to eliminate the black hat search engine optimization techniques from the internet research. They want to bring the real and genuine face to the front masking the black hatters to the bin. Many companies use to post thousands of the backlinks on various sources that they were able to buy from the market as well. Most of these sources were fake and of ridiculous quality. In result of this, these fake and improper organizations used to come on the better ranks, leaving the genuine and super quality organizations below. With the launch of this update, it became easier for the Google to differentiate between the black hat search engine optimization and white hat search engine optimization by the SEO professional people. This leads to a trend of hiring the professionals for the backlink removal that was not up to the mark according to the Google’s guidelines. Many of them just needed to improve the quality of these links. In this way, some genuine stuff came under sight.

Solution of affected queries:

But what about those 2.3 % queries, which are being affected by the launch of this update? Obviously, there has to be a solution for this thing as well. Yes, of course, Google has started to work on them as well as its stakeholders and stockholders started to protest due to bad signals in the market. Google claims to solve these issues as well in the near future. With the help of these changes, Google will be able to minimize the effected results. Many users claim for the poor results of the search after the launch of the Penguin 2.0 update. They complain about the slow search process along with the poor quality of the search, in fact, after the launch of the Penguin 2.0, Google’s search has been affected to some extent. But these issues are going to be resolved. But what about the companies which have to shift their black hat search engine optimization techniques to the white hat? These organizations have to change their black hat optimization techniques to the white hat search engine, because they will not be able to survive without the online information available to the users on search engines. Although this process is not an easy task for the people and that too in such a chaotic condition, but they can take the services from the professional search engine optimizers that are offering their services to these organizations. In the same way, many small organizations that have no knowledge about the internet marketing techniques can take help from these professionals in order to make their sites survive from the Penguin 2.0 update. Image Credit

  1. Penguin 2.0 was the biggest tweak to Penguin since the update initially launched in April of last year, which was why it was called 2.0 despite the update getting several refreshes in between. Penguin 2.0 was said to affect 2.3% of queries with previous data refreshes only impacting 0.1% and 0.3%. The initial Penguin update affected 3.1%. While this latest version (2.1) may not be as big as 2.0 or the original, the 1% of queries affected still represents a significantly larger query set than the other past minor refreshes.