Good Friday sale for A2 Hosting, coupon code inside

If you are thinking about starting your blog, then there’s no better day than Good Friday.


Well, one of the best hosting services for WordPress, A2 Hosting is offering a whooping discount of 51% for the occasion.

But before you actually think about clicking on the link and buying the hosting, let me give you an idea on what you can expect from A2 Hosting.

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After all purchasing decisions should always be informed!

Good Friday Deal

So here are 5 reasons why A2 Hosting is the perfect to start your journey with:

  1. Cost effective: When I talk to novice bloggers who are using free hosting, I found they are not going for a self host mostly because of the cost factor. Let’s face it then! For a part time blogger who is still not generating any money or probably still learning the tricks of the trade, buying an expensive hosting service is absolutely not affordable. A2 is here to your rescue. The host is generally the most affordable option for hosting. And with this whooping discount, it is nothing but a dream come true for many newbie.
  2. Super fact loading speed: Well I’m using A2 Hosting myself for quite some time now and I can personally vouch for the great loading speed it offers. You’ll not have a reason to complain.
  3. Great uptime: When I started my blogging journey, I chose the most reputed and a quite expensive host over the newly launched A2. But the experience I had, was nothing short of a nightmare. But after switching over to A2 there have been no reason to worry at all. Read my journey here: So, do yourself a favour; start your journey with A2 and spare yourself all that frustration!
  4. Customer support: The customer support team of A2 is the best that I’ve encountered till now. Professional, helpful and knowledgeable; if you want any better, might as well ask for a genie.
  5. Easy to use: Trust me, I understand the pain. A complex control panel, with a lot of options which of course have no intention of explaining themselves; a perfect recipe of a confused, on the verge of crying blogger. Unless you are some kind of a tech genius, this is the most common scene that a blogger has to go through, I did myself. But you can bypass this well travelled route through the valley of frustration with A2 Hosting. The easy to use control panel is simple and even if you are a technical handicap, you can use it pretty well.

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So, now that you know how amazing an experience you are going to sign up for, what are you waiting for?

Get the A2 Hosting today!! Avail this great offer and save big on your first invoice!
Discount: 51%
Coupon code: 51SPEED

Over to you

Good Friday is not going last forever, nor the discount!!

So why wait when you can save this big.

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