The Best Platform For Making Money Blogging

In today’s age of online marketing, influencer reviews go a long way in generating credibility and subsequently sales for any product. Thus more and more advertisers today are replacing tradition marketing approaches in favour for influencer marketing platforms. is one such platform that brings advertisers and bloggers together from around the world.

As a professional blogger myself, I was naturally interested in the platform and thus today we are reviewing to understand how it works and how you can get a lot of blog reviews.

How works?

The website brings together online businesses, marketers, and influential bloggers on one platform. Through the website marketers and advertisers can connect with bloggers to get their products and services reviewed. On the other hand, bloggers can access numerous sponsored review opportunity through the platform.

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Both advertisers and bloggers can register for free.

To maintain the authenticity of the platform, there are some eligibility criteria set for bloggers, such as:

  • The blog must have high domain authority, min 25.
  • The blog must be live for minimum 6 months at the time of sign up.
  • The Alexa rank for the concerned blog must be below 2000k.

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On you have signed up with your details, you can get your products and services reviewed by bloggers or can take up sponsored review offers from marketers and earn money blogging.

Fees & Payments

GetReviewed has a crystal clear fees and payment system in place.

For Marketers: Marketers can join the platform for free by availing the 7 days trial offer. However, once the 7-day trial expires, marketers are charged $9.99 per month as subscription fee.

For Bloggers: There is no sign-up or subscription fee for bloggers here. However, the eligibility criteria are followed very strictly here. Apart from required Alexa ranking and domain authority ranking, the experts from GetReviewed review the blog manually too, in order to ensure quality.

The bloggers get paid through PayPal, after 14 days of publishing the sponsored review.

Why is GetReviewed great for marketers?

As a marketer, your focus is to reach out to as many people as possible. By positioning your product in an influential blog, you not only get great exposure but also add credibility to your product.

Here are some great reasons why we think marketers would love GetReviewed:

  • You get access to influential bloggers on one platform.
  • You get a weekly notification for any new blog that offers sponsored posts.
  • All the blogs registered on GetReviewed are already verified in terms of their reach. So, you don’t have to waste time considering each blog.
  • The rates for sponsored reviews are pretty competitive here.
  • GetReviewed offers a pretty good refund policy. In case your post is removed from the website before 14 days, the website offers a full refund for that particular post.
  • GetReviewed has a wide number of self-hosted authority blogs registered with them. Thus, no matter what your product or service is, you would get a number of suitable blogs where you can have your product featured.

Why is GetReviewed great for bloggers?

Sponsored reviews and posts have always been a foremost way of making money for professional bloggers. However, approaching marketers for sponsored posts is not quite easy, even for authority blogs. Here GetReviewed plays a vital role in making sponsored reviews accessible to bloggers.

Here are some great reasons why we think bloggers would love GetReviewed:

  • GetReviewed has a huge number of marketers signed up with them. So, no matter what niche your blog is in, you would be able to find products and services for sponsored post here.
  • As a blogger, you don’t have to pay any registration fees at all! Simply sign up and start earning from blog reviews.
  • Another great thing is payment security. Once the post is approved by the advertiser, you get the payment through your PayPal account.
  • There is no payout limit for bloggers. You can work on as many sponsored posts as you want and earn as much as you want.

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Our verdict

Speaking from a bloggers point of view, we think GetReviewed is a great platform for making money. The earning potential is pretty awesome, as there is no restriction in payout. In case you have a blog that fulfils the eligibility criteria, GetReviewed can be the best platform for receiving sponsored posts and reviews.

As for the advertisers and marketers; we think GetReviewed is one of the best influencers marketing platform out there. You get access to thousands of authority blogs who are interested to review your products. The entire system is very transparent and time-saving.

No matter whether you are an advertiser or blogger, GetReviewed is one platform that you should definitely try.

So, go ahead and sign up today! Don’t forget to tell us your experience.