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Free Syncios Manager: The best phone managing software available today

If you are using two or more devices with iOS and Android operating systems then one of your primary concerns must be to synchronize files and folders on both the devices. Well, it has always been a difficult task to move or convert folder and files from iOS to other platforms. While there are many phone manager software in the market today, when it comes to seamless synchronization and smooth performance I found Free Syncios Manager to be best I have come across. And trust me when I say this, I have used many synchronizing software before!

What makes this iOS file converter different than the lot?

Well, Free Syncios Manager supports a whole bunch of devices. The software not only synchronizes your file and folders across devices, but also lets you manage them all on one single platform. Whether it’s transferring, editing, backing up and managing my music files, videos, images, and even other files like apps, message, ebooks and contacts, the software does it all. It also allows me to download videos from hundreds of video sharing sites in 4K HD quality so that I can move them to my iPhone and Android phone.

I had been using the free version so far but there’s so much more with its Pro version and it doesn’t cost almost anything.

If you are still wondering whether to go ahead with this software or not, let us share our review on the features of Free Syncios Manager.


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Features of Free Syncios Manager

Free Syncios Manager - Apple Music Converter

Sync Everything

If you are like me, you must be having multiple phones, a lappy and different workstations for work and home. Free Syncios Manager allows me to sync all my contacts so that I carry the same contacts on all my devices. It also does the same for my notes and messages. So I don’t have to run around looking at different devices to see what messages were exchanged with the same person. The software also helps you manage your contact in a perfect manner by detecting and deleting duplicate iPhone contacts. The Sycios Manager basically gives you a platform where you can manage and share all your files and folders from both your devices. The cool feature let you listen to your iPod music and other audio and video files from an integrated player. The fact that you can even edit or delete your files from the same platform, makes it even more handy.


Imagine being able to backup music files and ringtones from your iOS devices to your PC. This application allows me to do that instantly. I can take backups of all my files including songs, videos, photos, contacts and messages on my iPhone and Android phone on my PC. Every time there is a need to restore files on my device, I can do so using Free Syncios Manager.

What is even better is that it requires just one click to carry out the backup process! The same holds true for data recovery. A single click will put my repaired iOS and Android phones back in business.

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Supports idea range of devices

Unlike many other phone managers, the Free Syncios Manager supports a range of devices. When it comes to iOS, the software is completely compatible with iPad, iPod and iPhones. In android OS the software supports a whole range of devices. You can see the supported devices and applications in the graphic below:

Free Syncios Manager

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Free Built-in features

Another advantage of this software is that it comes with an integrated Audio converter, Video Converter, Ring tone maker etc. You can also manage your iTune back ups with this software. You can also shut down your phone or restart it with just one touch with this app. So, judging by all these features discussed above, we think the Free Syncios Manager is the best phone manager software in the market today.

So, go ahead download the free version here. Once you have the incredible experience, you’ll surely want to get the Pro version soon.

And do let us know your experience with it in the comment section below.

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