FonePaw Android Data Recovery: The Best Data Recovery Software for Android Devices!

You value your Android device for its unmatched features. You can never think of anything else replacing it in a long time. But like any other electronic device, a phone is never forever. You can never know when your phone data may get lost. You may delete files accidently or else only to realize later how important they were for you. Even if you protect your Android device using the most advanced antivirus programs, you can never be sure when your data may get lost.

Does all this sound concerning and a little familiar? If you have lost your valuable data, photos, videos, soundtracks, text messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, documents or call logs on your Android device, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is the perfect software to help you recover all this data. There is nothing that it can’t recover. Even if you think that you have deleted your data beyond recovery, this software can still dig it up. It can even recover data from your phone’s SD card.

What is FonePaw Android Data Recovery?

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a software that detects and recovers all lost or deleted files. It is designed specifically for Android phones and tablets. The user interface is extremely simple and almost anyone can use it without any difficulties.

It has very powerful data recovery algorithms and is a must-have software for anyone who has an Android device. It is compatible with almost all brands of Android phones and tablets.


FonePaw Android Data Recovery can be used for detecting and recovering lost files on your Android device. Here is a list of the data type that this software can recover:

Types of Textual Content:

1. Contacts

Get all your lost contacts back. The contacts may be stored on your phone’s internal memory or SIM. Recover all types of contact information including the numbers, emails, company name, job title and other details in the form of VCF/HTML/ CSV file.

2. Text Messages

Do you want to recover messages you have deleted? FonePaw Android Data Recovery can do the same for your WhatsApp messages too.

But its benefits don’t just stop at that. The software can also recover all the attachments to those messages including the photos and videos.

Even if you don’t have any backup for your WhatsApp messages, you can recover them without any difficulty. Get back the messages from all the individuals and groups.

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3. Call Logs

It is so easy to lose your call logs. But with FonePaw Android Data Recovery you will not have to worry about recovering them. It can recover the names and phone numbers, even the call types and the call duration. All this information can be saved in your computer in HTML format.

Recover Media Files:

You have saved your valuable photos and videos in your Android device. This can include photos with your family, friends and colleagues – many of which are too valuable and you want to cherish them for a long time.

Losing your photos, videos and even audio files can be a big loss. But not with FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

1. Recover Photos

Recover all types of photos including different formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, and WEBP.

2. Recover Your Videos

The video may have been recorded, stored or downloaded in your device or its SD card. You can recover all your video files using FonePaw Android Data Recovery, whether they are deleted or lost due to some technical reasons.

Recover Your Documents:

If you have lost important office-related or other documents from your phone, don’t worry that your hard work is lost. FonePaw Android Data Recovery can recover all types of documents including MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, PPT, HTML, RAR, ZIP and many other types.

How to Use FonePaw?

As already mentioned in the beginning, using FonePaw Android Data Recovery is quite easy and you can recover your files easily and quickly using this software.

The steps involved in the process are as following:

Connect Android Device & PC

Once you have downloaded FonePaw Android Data Recovery and installed it on your PC, connect your Android device to the PC using a USB cable.

FonePaw Android Recovery

Once you have downloaded FonePaw Android Data Recovery and installed it on your PC, connect your Android device to the PC using a USB cable.

We hope USB debugging is enabled on your device, which is normally the case.

Choose File Types

The software will prompt you to select the file type to be recovered. So if you want to recover your WhatsApp messages, use the appropriate option, including its attachments.


Start the Scan

Click on ‘next’ and FonePaw Android Data Recovery will start scanning WhatsApp messages on your phone. If authorization is required, you can do so from clicking Allow>Grant>Authorize on your device.



 Select & Recover WhatsApp Messages & Attachments

The WhatsApp chat history can be recovered by clicking on “WhatsApp” on the left hand side panel. But that will not recover your photos and videos in the messages. So make sure to select “WhatsApp Attachments” from the left panel.

You can further select the messages that you desire to recover. Then click on “Recover.” For tutorial, you can refer this guide: How to recover lost WhatsApp messages from Android.



Similarly, you can choose your contacts, photos, call logs, text messages, videos or other files from the starting window in FonePaw Android Data Recovery. You can download FonePaw from the following links: Windows and Mac.