What Features of Facebook Ads shouldn't be Ignored

What Features of Facebook Ads shouldn’t be Ignored?

Facebook ads are very effective in getting good results for your business. You might be using the ad features of facebook for a long time.

And now, are you observing any plateau in your results of Facebook Ads?

Don’t worry. Your progress is not going to be ceiled. Just check whether you are making the same mistake that most of your friends (other marketers) do. There are some features of facebook ads and that are able to transform your campaigns to the further levels. But, most of the marketers are ignoring them.

Wondered what they are? Just go through this article and at the end, you will leave feeling realized. And you can give a boost to your facebook ad campaigns. So, let’s go:

#1 Custom Audience:

A Custom Audience is the audience you list on facebook or provide facebook with. To get a better idea, look at this example: suppose you have a list of email ids of your previous users. You can upload them into facebook and create a ‘custom audience’. However, you can create the custom audience with the help of phone numbers, website visitors and facebook ids also.

You may think what this custom audience is for. When you get such doubt, remember the fact that it is easier to sell to your existing users than to new users. If you are not convincing with this development, just have a look at this chart:


When you prove the quality of your services in the first attempt, why should they be searching for new merchants? And so, like any other successful business, you should try selling to the existing users.

Why Facebook custom audience?

Nowadays, it seems email communication is limiting you reaching your audience, in contrast to earlier days. So, using Facebook Custom Audience feature allows you reaching your custom audience when they are on Facebook.

How to create a custom audience?


  • Select ‘Custom Audience’ in ‘Create Audience’ menu.


  • There you can select where you can add your custom audience from. Here, you should know which statistics of your business are better. If you have a great email list, you can go with the custom list. If you have a website with huge traffic, you can go with the website traffic.
  • If you select the custom lists, you can upload the file containing the email ids, facebook ids or phone numbers. If select ‘website traffic’, you can see a screen like this:


There you select the people who visit your website, who visit some specific pages, who visit some specific pages only or who haven’t visit for some particular time. This depends on your business and strategies.

#2 Lookalike Audience:

Well, you are utilizing the custom audience feature. But what if your list is not that long? For this problem, facebook provides a solution in the form of Lookalike Audience.

As the name suggests, facebook searches for the audience who are same as your custom audience for all kinds of lists. So, you can reach more targeted users. To manage this feature, just go to the ‘Audience’ option in the ‘Tools’ menu, as shown in the earlier images. There you can find the option ‘Lookalike Audience’ under the ‘Custom Audience’ and click on it.


There is nothing much to do with this. Just select the model of the custom audience, select the country you want to target and Audience Size.


It is better to select the audience size small in the early stages. So that, you can maintain the similarity between your custom audience and lookalike audience. If you keep the size bigger, the point of similarity may fail. When you are getting good results, you can increase the size when you want to.

#3 Audience Insights:

So far, you have seen what you could do when you have user data and an idea of whom your ads should reach. But how could you do when you have no such lists and no clear idea of whom to reach?

In such a case, you can use Facebook’s ‘Audience Insights’ feature. Go to Facebook.com/Ads/Manager and select Audience Insights from the Tools menu.


The ‘Custom Audience’ in the further step can help you knowing precise ways of reaching your targeted users. But when you have no custom lists, you can select ‘Everyone on Facebook’.


Once you clicking on ‘Everyone on Facebook’, a window as shown in the below figure appears.


Here in this window, you can see a lot of queries that you can input to get to know your targeted audience. You can select your requirements like age, gender, location etc. To get information of businesses which are like yours, go to the ‘Page Likes’ section. So that, you can get deep insights of your targeted users.


Once you finished filling your requirements and targeting your audience, you can create ads by clicking on ‘Create Advert’, the button at the top right corner of the page. You can save the data for your further use as well.

#4 Facebook Lead Ads:

Your targeted users need to click-through the landing page in order to submit their details and access the offer. Users want easier process. You can make this within the facebook page itself with the use of Facebook Lead Ads. with these ads, the budget you need for getting registration is decreased. There are two other advantages of these lead ads. Firstly, the opt-in form is so simpler. Second, you need not try to get the best impression and build the trust of the user. Because all this happens on facebook wall only.

Steps to create Facebook Lead Ads:

  • Follow this link to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/creation/ and select ‘collect leads for your business’. Then add a page for which you are creating the lead advert.
  • And later, the setup process is easy as you can follow the instructions. You have to select your targeted audience. If you have a custom audience list, you can add that also.
  • The next process is budgeting.

If you are not getting the proper results with your ads, you can manage the campaign. Just change the ‘optimization’ from ‘Leads’ to ‘Link Clicks’. And also change the bidding from automatic to manual bidding.

  • Next, click on ‘create form’. There you can select ‘New Form’, after which you need to provide the information like the form name and language. Clicking on ‘Next’, you can get a form where you can input the data fields that you want to ask the users for. Here you can also ask your own questions of a maximum of 3.


  • Hereafter this, you have to provide a link for your privacy policy and custom disclaimer. At the do not forget to place a ‘call to action’ for your ad. This should reflect what motto of your facebook lead ad.


These are the features of facebook ads that are ignored by most of the marketers. That may cause a plateau in your business progress. So, test these features and check the results you get with your facebook ads. If you have any queries or any information, please share with us.