7 days blogging course

eBook Revealed – 7 Day Blogging Course (The Complete Course to Set up Your Blog and Monetize it)

Hello to all!

The day has come and I’m very delighted to announce my eBook, (hopefully) a fruitful result of my hard work since past month to organize my experience and practical knowledge of blogging and SEO and present it to my website viewers. This eBook – “7 Day Blogging Course – The Complete Course to Setup Your Blog and Monetize it” is my step forward to discuss the ways to sharpen blogging skills of people interested in a successful blogging career. It is a week long course comprehensively expressing important blogging aspects to focus.

I recommend this eBook to anybody aspiring as a blogger, not because I’ve tried and tested these techniques, and to some extent succeed in it, but these are fruitful in real sense. This book contains responses of this industry to my past blogging actions and experiences.

7 days blogging course

If you’ve not achieved the thing you thought of in the beginning of the blogging despite of stiff efforts, there is time to rethink and get profit from this eBook, absolutely at no cost! I can say this with certainty because strategic efforts never are fruitless, but need a right direction to be laden with fruits.

The eBook touches (probably) every aspect of blogging and its practices for increasing traffic, gaining traffic, remodelling and analyzing your blog so as to gain some (sometimes much) profit from there.

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My effort doesn’t stop here. With this classic weekly tutorial, you can have an opportunity to grab another eBook – “Easy Guide to Setup WordPress Blog”. It is a collective which speaks about initiating a blog and then setting up WordPress themes and plugins for it.  Isn’t it a good idea to convert your hobby of blogging into a profitable self-sufficient business?

So, come along and get this eBook, 100% free as a compliment from my side for connecting with me and my website – SEOTechyWorld. To access this e-Book, Please subscribe from the right hand sidebar

I am sure you got me the way I expressed! Is there something else you want to tell? Connect with me and ask yourself.



  1. Hi Nisha,

    Congratulations and celebrations! 🙂

    This is indeed wonderful, and a great achievement and feather in your cap! It’s certainly not easy to sit and write an eBook, especially if one’s at home with a child to look after, yet you did it, so that is commendable!

    I know I still haven’t had the time to sit and write on, and perhaps once I stop writing posts, I’d be able to do that…lol…nevertheless, wishing you every success with it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week, and a bright future ahead 🙂

  2. TIm

    I will read your e book, I’m sure it will be very interesting.

  3. HI Mam,

    Welcome to my blog and many thanks for your kind words.

    It is my pleasure to see you in my blog and hoping to see you in future too.

    I am working since 2-3 months at my eBook and finally launched it.

    Really thanks for stopping by here.

    Have a graet week ahead!

  4. Hello Tim,

    Nice to see you here at my blog.

    You can subscribe for the eBook by the form posted at right hand side.

    Do let me know if any query.

    Have a great week!

  5. Hey Nisha,

    Congrats! Great Achievement.

    As Harleena Mam Said It’s very dificult to write e-book while you are married and have 1 or 2 children. As i know about you you are a great writer and blogger. Soon i will get your e-book and read it surely.


  6. Now I also subscribe your blog to read your eBook.

  7. Hello Siddharth,

    Welcome to my blog here.

    Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for praising my writing. It will good to see you here.

    keep visiting.

    have a great day!

  8. Hi Md. Hamim,

    Thanks for subscribing here.

    Do let me know your feedback by mail.

    Keep visiting. Have a great day!

  9. Hello Nisha, thanks for the free eBook, i will read it and follow the instructions therein if they will help me. Thank you so much.

  10. Hello Emebu,

    Thanks for the kind comment and stopping by here.

    Have a great day!

  11. Hey Nisha,

    Congrats for your new e-book.:)

    I am glad that finally you made it. There are many bloggers who are in need to learn and your e-book will help them a lot.

    You have put your experience in this e-book and experience always wins.:)
    Thanks a lot making us aware about this informative e-book.

    Wish you a very good luck for your future work
    Hope you are enjoying you week.:)


  12. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Hope this e-Book help to newbie bloggers.

    Enjoy your week ahead!

  13. Drumroll, please.

    Cogratulation Nisha Pandey, for launching your eBook: 7 Day Blogging Course. I believe, you’d surely succeed in the competition that we bloggers are going with.

    Be sure, you’re doing effective marketing for this eBook as well as make sure that you’re taking great care of it.

    I liked the way you’re providing value to your audiences. Be the same, be caring, and you’d be the authority.

    Thanks, and Congratulation once again.
    – Bishal Biswas

  14. Hello Bishal,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I appreciate your kind suggestion. Yes, I will try my best to promote this e-Book.

    Again thanks for the stop by.

    Have a great day!

  15. Hmm.
    I believe this would be a well piece of writing. Congrats for this 🙂

  16. Hi Nisha

    It is my first time here and I am happy to be as it is the launch and announcement of your ebook. It is certainly an accomplishment and not only do I congratulate you but I wish you success with it.

    I will love to read what it is all about so hence will do what is needed to download it.

    Thanks for connecting and look forward to interacting with you in the near future.

  17. Welcome Jeeshan,

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting.

    have a great day!

  18. Hi Yvonne,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words.

    A many thanks for your wishes too. hope, you will like my e-Book and share it with your network too.

    Keep visiting. Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Hello Nisha,

    First of all Congratulation for your new e-book:)

    This is my first visit on your blog.Its a fact and truth that, after marriage its difficult to manage between family and job.I have seen the same situation with my cousin sis but you are doing great:). I hope your e-Book will help beginners as well as more experienced .

    Once again Congratulation for your e-book and Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Keep in touch always 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,
    Minakshi Srivastava

  20. Hi Minakshi,

    A warm welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words.

    Yes, It is very hard to manage family and work together after marriage but, it is possible to handle if the family members are supportive.

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting.

    Have a great day!

  21. Hello Nisha ji,

    First time here and I was just browsing to get some backlinks to my site and landed on your blog.

    I really appreciate your efforts,knowledge and the passion learn and to give in the form of ebook. It is certainly an accomplishment and not only do I congratulate you but I wish you success.

    I am downloading it now and I will to read it.
    Thanks for connecting and look forward to interacting with you in the near future.

    Thanks and Regards,

  22. Hi Nisha,

    I have subscribed a moment ago. After reading your nice post, what else can I do?

    If your ebook could open the doors of success for me, I will only feel more happy.

    Thank you.

  23. Hi Karunakar,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Thanks for your kind feedback. Hope, you will like my e-Book. I would like to hear a feedback regarding the e-Book from you.

    Thanks again for coming by over here and share your valuable feedback with us. I really appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Hi Rajaraman,

    Glad to know that you subscribed for my e-Book. Hope, you will find it useful for you.

    I would love to hear your kind feedback regarding the e-Book. Please feel free to share. Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a nice weekend!

  25. Hello Nishaji,

    I have used it and its very helpful and i recommend it for everyone.Thank you so much

  26. Welcome to my blog and an abundance of thanks for your kind words. It is my pleasure to see you in my blog and planning to see you in future as well. I am working since 1-2 months at my eBook lastly propelled it.
    Truly a debt of gratitude is in order for ceasing by here.
    Have an extraordinary week ahead!