How I Earned 1500 USD per month with Propeller Ads?

I have a series of viral websites and they generate decent amount of traffic to be called viral. Most of my traffic comes from my social networks, SEO campaigns and a few paid strategies.

The best thing is that the traffic comprises of targeted audience. Adsense is my primary ad revenue generator, but I have always been looking for a few supplementary monetization programs.

I spent a few dollars here and there, tested a few ad programs, and it was Propeller Ads that eventually proved to be the perfect choice and did the job for us.

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It is generating over $1,500 dollars a month from each site.

I am just into the third month and the revenues have been stable.

What is Propeller Ads?

It was with Propeller Ads that I realized how powerful a monetizing element could pop under ads be.

The program helped us monetize both my web and mobile traffic.

Propeller Ads is a tested program and has been in existence since 2011.

Propeller Ads

There are so any ad units to choose from that my team didn’t give a second thought when I asked for their opinion.

Most importantly, their ad units were specifically suited for my viral sites. When the earnings started rolling in, all my initial apprehensions were laid to rest.

After using Propeller Ads for several months I realized that I cannot see it as an alternative to adsense.

In fact, there is no program out there that could be seen as an alternative to this powerful revenue-generation program from Google.

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Pop-under Ads

The best thing about Propeller Ads was that they offered several ad formats, going beyond the web and reaching out to mobile and even to mobile apps. I thought that I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Pop-under ads worked perfect for us. They are not as intrusive and disturbing as their pop-up counterparts.

They appear in a new window and can be seen only after the user minimizes his browser window.

And the response from this format is there to tell. It helped us generate a significant percentage of my response and revenues. These ads helped us draw their attention directly to my landing page.

Pop-under Ads


After testing pop-unders, I found out the best ways to get the desired results out of them. Placing larger ads above the fold helped us draw more attention.

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I also found success by placing the banners under the streaming videos on my pages. Even proximity to the download link received better response.

My team found a lot of other innovative solutions to get more out of these ad formats.

Mobile Dialog Ads

Over 35% of my traffic now originates in mobile devices. Propeller Ads had another ad format that worked perfectly for us.

I used the dialog ads for my viral sites which are more focused on entertainment-downloads.

I realized that the primary goal of the dialog ads is to add up to the monetization of my traffic. It didn’t interfere with my desktop inventory – after all no one wants too much of advertising.

Trust me! I know how much of turn off could over-advertising be!

Interestingly, this ad format works even if there is no mobile app. But I do have full-fledged mobile apps and ours is a little different story.

Mobile Dialog Ads



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Mobile Interstitial Ads

With 35% of my traffic coming from mobile, I needed more than just the simple mobile ads.

I found interstitial ads to be my top performing mobile ads.

These full screen ads help us generate the most eCPMs from all the mobile platforms. It is effective in two ways for us:

  • It helps us match the original looks and colors of my website and brand
  • It improves user engagement

They help us grab my audience’s attention and achieve higher CTRs. These are the perfect ad formats for my unique download-based and entertainment product offerings.

Direct Links

Although I emphasize less on this format, it has also been useful.

I have noticed that direct links helps us generate more revenues when I send more and more traffic to the advertisers.

If the traffic volume so low, it doesn’t generate as much in terms of revenues.

I have also used links for sending visitors for use with my own banners.

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How to get the Most out of the Banners?

The banners work especially well when I optimized their placements.

It is crucial that I monitor and keep improving the click through of my ad channels to increase my profits.

The higher the CTR I achieved, the more the revenue flowed in from my banner ads. And this meant doing a lot of tests with banner ads, something my team is a specialist in.

I tested different sizes, combinations and placements of banners and soon realized the optimal configurations to improve my profits.

I offer a download based service. The Propeller Ads customer support, from the initial moment, made it clear to us that their program works more effectively with download-based product offerings.




Easy to Start

It wasn’t complicated in any way to start with the setup and monetization.

I already had the traffic; adsense was doing good, and I needed something more to generate additional revenue.

Set up is extremely easy from the dashboard and it didn’t take much time to start monetizing.

I called the customer support for help initially, but that was only a customary thing so that everything went normally.

Some of the biggest benefits coming my way because of this program can be summed up as following (obviously revenue is the no.1 point.

I have been generating a steady stream of income and it has been gradually growing):

  • Better CPM rates – This is one of the reasons why my team recommended Propeller Ads.
  • No intrusion – My current banners and site design doesn’t get affected in any way. The use of pop-unders and mobile formats means not much ad space is required.
  • Easy integration – I didn’t need to make any changes to my site’s layout. All I had to do is place a code and my reports started showing the results.

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I will recommend Propeller Ads to everyone. At the same time I will say that it is not an alternative to adsense.

My team is looking for ways to get more out of the available ad formats.

I will be posting another case study here when I build up on all the formats!

  1. OMG Such a Great Increase Monthly Earning Idea with Propeller Ads Great Step Nisha Sis I like Your Tips Wonderful Work and Good Writing Keep it up

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    It’s really very very great.
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    and I impressed with your earning. I will also try this network.
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    Areesha Noor!

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    How you doing ? , Its been a long time no speak with you 🙂 . I hope everything is going good as well your business seems to be increasing 😉 by the way, nice post and it informative to hear about propeller Ads, Shock and Surprise to hear that you’re earning 1500+ USD a month. Good Mam. You will be inspiration for young blood bloggers like me 😀
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  10. Hi Nisha,

    I like your article I have a question should be a simple one for you ,Is this Ads are safe means Does it contains any security threats? I hope you answer me. Thank you.

  11. Vikash

    Hi Amelia,
    Thanks! I understand your concern!
    Propeller ads are safe from the perspective of both security and adsense.
    They don’t pose any security threats. They never caused any malicious activity or triggered anything on my sites.
    There is no as such report about them as they have been tested for over 4 years.

    Thanks for your query!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Suri,

    Yes, you must also test Propeller ads to see how its starts generating revenues.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Have a great weekend!

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    I see the date on this post is July, I read very slowly 🙂

    Have a good week!

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