How to Download Instagram for PC or Laptop

Instagram is the most glamorous and the fastest growing social network now.

It has got awesome apps on smartphones, which was the main reason it became so popular!

The combination of the awesome camera filters with great selfies made instagram an instant hit.

But Instagram has been lagging behind other social networks, with the lack of a great web experience that Facebook and Twitter offers.

This has made instagram a pain to use in PC with it’s web interface.

But, there’s a work around for this, you can install Instagram apps on PC, which offers similar user experience as that of it’s smartphone counterparts.

I’ll be explaining simple steps to install Instagram on your PC/laptop.

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To download and install Instagram on your pc, all you have to do is to follow the instructions given below.

Before installing Instagram on pc, you’ll have to download and install an app called Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Windows PCS.

Windows won’t natively support Android apps, so we have to use an emulator to run the Android apps in Windows.

One of the best emulators available for Windows PC is Bluestacks, so we’re using it. Through Bluestacks, we’re going to install Instagram on your pc.

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To install Bluestacks, follow these procedures :

1. Download Bluestacks from this link :

Install it, and run it after installation is complete. (click on the icon of Bluestacks from your desktop).


2. Now, you’ll see many icons on the start screen of Bluestacks. To install Instagram, you’ll have to search for it using Search option. (look at the above screenshot).

 Install Bluestacks

3. Search for Instagram, you’ll see the Instagram icon on search result. Click on “Install Instagram from Play Store”.

 Enable App store

  • If you’re using Bluestacks for the first time, you’ll see a pop up asking you to set-up play store. You’ll have to set-up play store first. To do that :
  • Click on the ‘next’  button of the pop up. You’ll now see a screen asking you to enter your Google account name and password. This process is similar to what we do get a new Android phone,Bluestacks acts like a phone/tablet and requires Google account for the Play store in it to work.

add gmail

  • Type in the account credentials in the box and click next. After that is complete, Bluestacks will also ask you to input the Google account and password once more, this is to sync the Bluestacks data in their servers. It’ll be useful in case you want to use Bluestacks in two different PCS.

gmail sign in

  • After this is done, you’ll be taken to the Play store, you can search again for Instagram on Play store.

Instagram App

4. To install Instagram from Play store, you’ll have to just press the Install button you can see on the play store page of Instagram. And click on accept on the pop up that comes on clicking the install button.

Install Instagram

5. After the download is complete, click on open on the Instagram page in play store.

Open Instagram

Your Instagram will be opened in Bluestacks. Enjoy Instagramming from your pc!


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Another method :

There is one more method to install Instagram on pc, without using Bluestacks. You can use Instagram using a Chrome app. You can install Instagram inside Chrome browser as a Chrome app. Follow these steps :

1. Open chrome in your computer. And open Chrome app store in it.

Instgram for chrome

2. Search for Instagram, you’ll see a lot of results. From that, select “Instagram for Chrome” and press the ‘+ FREE’  button, you’ll be asked for confirmation,press “Add”. Instagram for Chrome will be installed on your chrome browser.

Download instagram for chrome

3. You can open Instagram from the task bar of Chrome, as seen in the screenshot.

Instagram on chrome 15

On opening this, you’ll be taken to the Instagram website and will be asked to authorize the app. Just click on “Authorize”.

Authorize Chrome

4. Now click on the Instagram button on chrome again, you can now use Instagram in a small Window inside chrome.

Instagram on chrome

That’s how you download and install Instagram on PC. You can try either of the methods to install Instagram on your PC/laptop.

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The second method is a lot more easier, but the Chrome app offers less features than that of the one in method 1 (because we installed the same app that is used in Android).

You can try both these methods and choose which one is comfortable for you. So start instagramming and share awesome selfies!



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