How to create Group Board on Pinterest

Create, manage and Share your Group Board on Pinterest, But with Caution!

PinHow to create Group Board on Pinterestterest has become a vital source of gathering all info and news at a single place. Thanks to “pins” that are liberal to use. Day by day, the increasing craze of managing Pinterest boards is taking up heat. This is due to its easy functionality as well as simple features.

Pinners were offered with the group boards in late September 2012 as a treat by Pinterest. They are used to create boards and send invitation to others for help in contributing to it. This idea was a great hit! But, every good thing has some inevitable problems.

People are free to post on your boards, thus, a minute mistake from any side can become a blunder, as all your group activities are published in a public domain. This requires utter care and keen eyes. I usually recommend each pinner to utilize Pinterest group boards, but, with complete caution. Rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure!”

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Creating a group board on Pinterest

It is a child’s play. This process is neat and can be implemented on new as well as pre-existing boards:

*        From your main page, decide which group you want to make as group board on Pinterest

*        Click edit (present at the bottom of each board)

*        Select people that you want to pin on that board from popup box by typing their name or merely selecting them

After following these steps, above mentioned people will get an invitation to join your board. Once accepted, they are free to post on that particular group board.

Potential of group boards:

Pinterest group boards are becoming a neat place for sharing the created events, planning of projects, etc. Even now the bloggers are deeply involved in utilizing group boards as their showcase as they have with bigger outreach. Business owners are also coming forward with the intentions of promoting their brand and products to a larger mass. A simple concept can be used to do so.

Here is a simple pattern to follow:

  • Suppose after creating a board, I invite 10 friends who can actively contribute to it
  • When they join me and follow this board, they could see my pins and theirs
  • Followers of the various contributors will also come to see what this group board is about. This way, my effort gets result in a short time.

But, there are some points to keep in mind before creating a board:

some points to keep in mind before creating a boardWhile new pins are pinned on your group board, only those people will be able to see it who is following your account entirely. This can create some problems as new boards are less popular initially and take a flight gradually.

The description area of your board should be perfectly utilized so that any visitor finds clearly what it is about. Another important thing to include is the Guidelines for pinning to your group like what content is allowed and number of pins each day or per week from a Pinner. This can curb obscure and irrelevant pinning up to some extent.

For easy follow-up, initially you can allow people to join after a simple request. For this you should clearly mention where they can contact you. You can also add a request note there, “Before sending me an invitation, please read below!!”

Before accepting invitation do some homework. Try to find out these things first:

  • Do they intend to promote their stuff?
  • Are their pins eventually leading to their original source?
  • Do their followers are in accordance to your niche, interest or plans?

Verification of a new Pinner is important because once added to your group board; they can invite others for joining your board, without even informing you. If chosen inappropriately, a single Pinner is enough for deteriorating repute of your group board and conversely yours.

End Note

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a group board or thinking to join other, the logic is same. You must think, if doing so is beneficial for your long term Pinterest strategy or not. Thanks to Pinterest, You are free to leave as well as remove those people who depreciate your generosity.

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