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This is a special guest post by my special colleague Carol Amato from She is one of the wonderful pro blogger, I met last year.

Here, she is taking away…..

Content marketing isn’t just about writing a new blog post every day or so – especially if it’s based on ideas and information that your audience has seen many times before.

Your loyal audience needs “mind stimulation” to keep them from becoming bored and your new visitors need to see content that piques their interest and makes them want to hang around.

If you’re a beginner in online marketing, your blog is just the beginning of what you need to do to get high conversion rates, great SEO and traffic which will become loyal followers.

If you’re an old hat at blogging, you may hit a roadblock now and then where your content becomes stale or you don’t know how to come up with a new slant to your content.


In every blogger’s life, there comes a time when you need to brainstorm ideas and try new things that may or may not work.

You’ve got to become a pioneer sometimes to become the success you want to be.

Focus on your successes rather than the failures you might have in trying new things with content marketing. At least you’re learning as you go – and never stagnant.

Driving traffic to your site is essential for your ultimate success – and content marketing can give you the results you want if you begin to look at it in different ways.

Try experimenting with infographics, guides and other methods which can make it fun and interesting for your followers and for those who are just browsing.

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10 Tips to “Spiff” Up Your Content

Some of the following tips, you’ll want to jump on and try and others may not be “right” for your brand. Give them all some thought and you may come up with a new way to present your content that will set your blog on fire.

1. Post a well-written guide on your blog.

Everyone likes a “step-by-step” guide on a subject they may be having problems with – or haven’t yet discovered. Guide posts are much longer in content than most of your posts, but can get lots of traffic to your site.

Be sure the guide blog post is accurate and well written, perhaps sprinkled with some graphics or charts to help your audience better understand a difficult subject.

Also, try to make it amusing, if possible, and add some anecdotes from your own personal experience. Guides don’t have to be dry and boring.

2. Reviews save time and effort and audiences appreciate them.

Product reviews can shave time from lengthy tests and reading through specifics of a product. A short, but succinct blog post about what you experienced with a certain product can also help you gather email addresses and establish you as an authority in your niche.

If you can add a video as an extra boost to help them understand the product – your content becomes even more valuable.

3. Blog posts that use infographics are shared and viewed more than others.

If you haven’t already begun to use infographics in your content, get started now. You’re presenting your content in a visual method that’s so much easier to understand – and, more eye-catching and interesting to your audience.

There are so many online methods now which work well to infuse infographics in your content, but you may want to hire a graphic artist for a larger or more intricate project or blog post.

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4. Videos can bring you closer to your audience and establish your knowledge.

A video can become the best tool in your arsenal of ways to drive traffic to your site. Communication is key to establishing a relationship with your followers and to grab visitors and keep them.

Videos can be used to communicate many types of messages – but they should always be memorable and designed to make your viewers want to see more and learn more about you and your product.

5. Create a “how-to” guide for a problem you’ve found a solution to.

The SEO potential for how-to posts is huge and far-reaching. If you can solve a problem that many have trouble with and add the solution as content on your blog – traffic will follow.

You can use videos, infographics and any other visuals you can think of to help the guide come alive for the reader. Keep it simple and based on one problem at a time so the guide doesn’t become too complicated.

6. Podcasts aren’t difficult and are great ways to connect with busy customers and followers.

Many people listen to podcasts as they’re driving along to work in the morning or evenings, jogging or performing other chores.

Be sure you have the proper equipment (well-functioning microphone, for example) and key information about the subject matter you’re sharing with others.

7. Guest posts are another way to grab the attention of your audience.

You’ll also get a new slant on your subject matter while giving a fellow entrepreneur a chance to shine. It’s also a type of “endorsement” of your own blog and content from another in the same niche.

A guest post will attract the guest’s followers and add new interest to what you have to say. It’s a great way to build your list and share with others.

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8. Rants and opinions can attract a ton of viewers.

If you’ve got something on your mind that you have developed a strong opinion about and want to share with others, try a “rant” or “highly opinionated” blog post.

The more research you’ve done on the subject matter, the better your results will be. Don’t make it a daily post, but do make your position known if there’s something about the industry or your niche that you believe should be shared with others.

9. Interview a person in your field or niche to gain admiration from your audience.

An interview, if done properly can result in lots of traffic. It will also establish you as a viable force in your niche.

Just be sure that you’re well-prepared and that you offer something that hasn’t been heard before. Speak to your interviewee ahead of time to establish the route you’re going to take with your questioning and how long the interview will be.

10. Add some humor to your content with memes. Everyone loves to laugh – and, it’s good for us.

Memes are easily added to your content and are viral, so you have a great chance of it being seen and shared.

Many social media sites are perfect stages for your memes – Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and more can help your meme spread like wildfire. Use them when appropriate and not all the time or they’ll lose their value in your content.

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Keep in mind that everyone loves to read or view content that helps us to learn something new, smile, laugh, tells a good story or reminds us to hang in there – that dreams can come true.

Make your content interesting and vary it with some of the above ideas and you’ll get the traffic you need for your ultimate success.

Take Care,
Carol Amato



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