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Artificial Intelligence: Empowering Governments of the Future

If one were to go by what is portrayed in works of science fiction and cinema, then artificial intelligence (AI) will appear as a technology to be feared and to be terrified about. After, all advanced artificial

4 Future Applications of Humanoid Robots

Our enduring fascination for robots and robotic technology reflects in pop culture through works such as I, Robot; Wall-E; Ghost in the Shell, and many others. Perhaps, the appeal is greatly fueled by our growing desire to

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on startups and organizations

Although still in infancy, Artificial Intelligence has started to make a significant impact on businesses and organizations around the world. In fact, with the benefits that AI seems to offer, estimates suggest that by 2018, almost 62%

Why humanities education is essential for techies

While technical literacy and technological educationare widely coveted in the contemporary world, a logical question emerges: is it worthreceiving an education in liberal arts, or does only technical degree matters? Paradoxical as it may seem, humanities skills

Snap Uploads And The Snapchat

This century is known for its technological growth especially electronic gadgets like smart mobile phones in the name of Android. The main cause for everyone to prefer Android smartphones is because of the messenger option. Messengers like

Amazon Beauty Products: A Beauty and Health care store

Amazon Beauty store is a collection of the most amazing and world class products. The store is organized for the most optimum use. Customer satisfaction has always been of utmost importance for Amazon and they have proved

Importance of having a virtual phone number

With technology changing almost every day, things also continue to change and being upgraded to new versions with a lot of new features.One of the things that have emerged with the change in technology is the use

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We’ve all seen the statue of the raging bull on Wall Street, and the little girl that was placed ‘defiantly’ opposite it. For many of us outside the world of finance, the bull statue seemed like a

Everything You Need to Know About Slingshot Malware

It may not boast the highest victim count of all PC malware — that honor goes to the ILOVEYOU virus, which affected an estimated 10 percent of all PC users — but the newly discovered Slingshot virus