An overview of Hackathon

What is the hackathon all about? This is termed to be a new aspect that is spreading like wildlife in the IT world. Many people have come across the term hackathon software, but do not know what

Kanban in the Cloud: Understanding Its Benefits

Kanban has been the methodology of choice in many situations. As more companies and organizations streamline their operations and try to be leaner in order to stay competitive in a fierce market, Kanban, as an approach and

3 Ways to Strengthen your Promotional Strategy with Live Streaming Video

In recent years, we have witnessed a rise in the tempo of digital marketing, particularly in the field of live streaming videos. Current analysis of marketing trends indicate that marketing via live streaming videos continues to grow

A Guide For Your EHS Software Purchase

Many operational software are used in a business with an aim to make processes and transactions smoother and more reliable. And while point-of-sale (POS) system tops the list as the most commonly used software especially in retain/micro

Microsoft Surface Go: An irresistible 2-in-1 tablet

Microsoft is aiming the educational sector now with its new 2-in-1device, Surface Go. Like Surface Pro, this Go device is just a small package with decent pricing. Microsoft Surface Go is not only affordable but also the

A Startup CTO’s Guide to Structuring Your Data Infrastructure

Taking business decisions and planning business operations are done mostly by analytics and data-driven methods now. However, using the data effectively to gain proper business insights is not easy or free. It requires not only experience and

Use of Technology to Mitigate Operational Risks

Organizations review and adjust their business models to adapt to the current technological trends. Practices of operational risk management have to re-evaluated to be efficient and effective. Besides, businesses have to proactively adjust risk management techniques in

VPNs and VPN Protocols: How do they work?

Yes! You could be using a VPN, but do you have an idea of how the different protocols work? VPN technology involves a complex set of protocols that determine their size of encryption and the security features

What are the features of MongoDB database and how is it helpful?

It is burning question that what is a MongoDB? Well, you are at right place as here you find the best and simple answer to this question. So, the answer to the above-asked question is that a

How to Create Multiple Choice Test Maker Quizzes to Generate Leads

What is the biggest challenge you have as a business owner or one who is entrusted with the responsibility of its marketing and growth? Without an iota of doubt, it would be lead generation. Leads are like

The Benefits of Reverse Image Search for Photographers

There are millions of people all over the world who are looking for similar images and photographs, both for personal and work purposes. The reverse image search tool is very important in both of these scenarios. One

The Difference Between Plastic And Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

If you want to protect the hi-fi screen of your precious iPhone 7 you may choose between a tempered glass careen protector and a plastic one. However, the term ‘glass’ may raise cause a couple of marks